Funnels to measure everything

The sales funnel is the path that the consumer takes from the moment of attracting his attention to your offer until the moment of purchase.

In professional interpretations, this is a marketing model that describes the passage of the audience through all stages of the purchase. The ability to properly build a sales funnel, implement it in CRM and analyze the effectiveness of interaction with a client is the key to a multiple increase in profits. The concept is equally effective in online and offline trading, with the only difference being that “automatic” sales funnels are more often used online.

Often managers perceive the sales funnel as an element of reporting. They forget that this is a powerful tool to increase profits. Of course, provided that the concept is built correctly, taking into account the individual characteristics of the company. Do you want to increase the profit of your business by 5% in a month? You can use the Creabl service and create funnels on the fly.

Sales funnel: the customer’s journey from getting to know a brand to buying. These are the four stages of preparing the buyer for the transaction. The goal of a marketing strategy and advertising campaign is to transform the attention gained into genuine interest. This is where the construction of an effective sales funnel is required, into which the client quickly “falls through” and reaches the “bottom”, that is, performs a targeted action. The result is influenced by the methods of product promotion, the correctness of research and segmentation of goods, marketing strategy, pricing policy and a number of other factors.

Sales funnel conversion calculation

The sales funnel should be used not only as a tool for making a profit, but also for analyzing the performance of the site, employees and the company as a whole. With its help, you can find out at what stages of preparing a client for a purchase a significant part of the target audience is eliminated, and develop operational solutions to reduce the bounce rate. To do this, you need to analyze the concept and monitor the change in conversion.

Sales funnel conversion is an indicator of the effectiveness of the level of a marketing tool, reflecting the ratio of possible actions to actually perfect ones. Expressed as a percentage.

If your business is online, it makes sense to include a sales funnel. This will allow you to study the target audience in detail and find out at what stages you get the most bounces. The inclusion of a sales funnel will also help identify unnecessary processes in the sales chain and evaluate the overall effectiveness of customer interaction.

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