Harriet Tubman: The Road To Freedom

Harriet Tubman is well known for her courage and bravery. She was a nurse,civil rights activist, and led many African Americans to freedom. She was born in Dorchester County, MD. around 1820, or so they think. And she died in Auburn NY.on march 10, 1913. Her original name was Araminta Ross but she later changed her name to Harriet like her mother.

Unfortunately no records were kept over Harriet Tubman so her exact date of birth is unknown. Harriet Tubman was born on a plantation in Dorchester County,Maryland in the 1820’s. Her name was Araminta Ross. Harriet Tubman didn’t have a long childhood. She had the job to take care of a baby as a five year old kid. And it was hard because every time the baby cried her misstress would slap her or hurt her. Over and over harriet would get fired by one and hired by another. When she was seven years old she collapsed because of working to collect muskrat traps. When she was eight she ran away because she took some sugar and the Mistress found out.

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After everything that Harriet tubman has gone through as a child has not destroyed her but has made her stronger. She was five foot tall and stronger than some men. She was hired to work on a plantation by a man named John Stewerd. She worked longer and harder than needed, to bring more income. She saved up so when she was ready to escape she could.

In over ten years she had took trips to the south nineteen times to free friends and family. She had people that she trusted to help along the way, too. Harriet Tubman worked as a nurse, cook, and spy in the civil war. Her mindset and experience with freeing slaves along the underground railroad was helpful because she knew the land. She got a group of former slaves to hunt for bad camps and tell on the moves of the confederate troops. Harriet Tubman was not only a rights activist, a nurse, a spy, a cook, a babysitter, a maid. But she is a wonderful well rounded, loving person, that deserves the most respect.

Human Rights In The Hotel Rwanda

Does the color of the skin or the name of the nation and race change a lot? Why are people so cruel? Where do this cruelty and war come from? Who is to blame for them (in the wars) and will they ever end? Why can’t we understand that we are only pawns in them ?! In general, after watching, I had too many questions, and probably a couple of them all asked themselves: “What will happen if this happens to us?” and “What could I do if I were the main character?” And I don’t want to think about it, and I don’t get out of my head. Why, when the genocide began, did the authorities not help them, which were obliged to do this? Where is it international humanitarian law? Judging by the events taking place at the Hotel Rwanda, it is only on paper and in words. No one needed and was not profitable to provide assistance to the Tutsis, although for sure, if there was oil or gold in Rwanda, America would first of all appear there with slogans of freedom and would calm the Tutsis and Hutos in a matter of days. And this once again suggests that no one wants to do anything just like that, and even more so to put their lives at risk. I would like to be wrong, but it seems to me that people did not realize their mistakes after the genocide in Rwanda. Yes, and in my opinion, the world does not remember and do not really know anything about this genocide. Probably there is no need for such details, but it so happened that my uncle is a Negro and lives in Zambia, when he last came he said: “There are only two terrible powers in the world. These are Russia and the United States. It is beneficial for them when we cut and shoot each other. They sell us weapons. It is profitable for them, we give everything for it … “

“To deny people their human rights, is to challenge their very humanity,” Nelson Mandela. Every human being in the world today, was born with equivalent human rights (Human-Rights-Commission Contest Winners). However, as the world evolves, the human rights of human beings diminish, which should not be the case. As human beings, we are entitled to the right to live, education, religion, freedom of expression and movement, equality before the law and so on. If we as human beings get a clear picture as to what our human rights are, it would be easier for us to promote justice, not only for ourselves but also for society.

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Moreover, human violation is a worldwide dilemma. Therefore, this is the reason we should look closely at human rights. In the movie Hotel Rwanda, human rights were portrayed as one of little value. Although the Tutsis fought for their rights of survival, because of being the minority they had a hard time doing it. They were locked down in a hotel, had limited freedom of expression and movement, education and religion. The Tutsis were basically derived offed of their human rights by the Hutus which was the largest group in Rwanda, in revenge of their President who was a Hutus being killed in a plane crash. In this essay, I shall claim that every human being has the right to live, freedom, and be equal in their society.

In a global view, the societal viewpoint of human rights is one that is inseparable and withhold many possibilities. There are special benefits, socially, politically, economically, personally, and culturally that is granted by the state for an individual to possess and use. They emphasize the freedom of civilians as much as possible independent self-determination of a person in some spheres of public life. For the most part, there is no interference by the country whereby the state takes control of providing freedom to civilians on social matters. Hence, the independence of freedom on social and political subjects, are expressed in the civilians’ abilities and capabilities on making their own choices and acting according to their interests and goals. (BIG essay writer.com, 2018).

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