help with this. two parts of this assginemt. post and reply

Capitalist vs. CommunistFor this assginemt, you will examine the strengths and weaknesses of capitalism and communism from various perspectives, such as ideology, economic institutions, political institutions, freedom vs. equality, etc.
You need to write four “meaty” paragraphs on the strengths and weaknesses of capitalism and communism. One paragraph focusing on a strength of capitalism, one focusing on a weakness of capitalism, and the same for communism. Should come to 400-600 words of grammatically polished text.
There is also a second part which is peer review. In 150-300 words, offer a substantive rebuttal to any of the four points they make regarding capitalism and communism. You only need to respond to one of the points, and do so with strong writing and polite concern.
I think the textbook has all info to successfully complete this assignment, however you can look elsewhere for support as long as you do utilize the textbook. Be sure to properly cite all resources! No plagiarism please.

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