History Question.

Part 1
1. An ________________________ is a type column that is still attached to an architectural structure and is not freestanding.
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2. The ___________________ on pottery and monumental sculptures separates and allows the narrative to be easily read.
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3. The ___________________ is the depiction of the Olympian Gods’ battle with the giants to claim dominion over the Earth and its inhabitants.
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4. _________________ is the writing system of the Mesopotamian civilizations and also one of the oldest writing systems known.
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5. Athena Parthenos was a cult statue and a ______________________ sculpture, made out of ivory and gold.
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Part 2
Essay Questions
Pick three out of the following questions to answer in essay form. Remember to use terms and specific material culture while writing your essays. Use full sentences.1. What is the Neolithic Revolution and how did it impact the development of human civilization?2. Explain the significance of Çatalhoyuk in the history of human development. Name at least three interesting facts about it.3. The Amarna period is the shorted and most unique period of Egyptian history. Discuss the Amarna period and how its art style reflected the geographic and ideological shift that occurred.4. The Roman Empire is known for its innovations in architecture and engineering. Discuss the achievements of Roman engineering and the innovations that led to them.5. The Persian War had a great impact on the Greek poleis (plural of polis) but none as much as Athens. Describe the aftermath of the Persian War in Athens and the historical figure(s) and their building projects that led to Athen’s revitalization.6. Tell me about the important attribute of the Treasury of Atreus. Compare it to the Pantheon from Rome.7. How does Nero’s Golden House (Domus Aurea) relate to Emperor Vespasian building project, the Colosseum – what does each say about the emperors’ politics, intentions, and perception by the Roman people? If a lamassu was real, how many legs does a lamassu have?
Part 3 Image Comparisson
Part 4 Blind Image
Part 5 MCQs

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