How Immigrant Background Can Help To Adjust And Overcome Shyness

Culture is like a parasol to me, which includes social behaviors and norms found in civilized societies, as well as the expectations, philosophies, humanities, regulations, abilities, and customs of individuals in certain cultures. Human beings demand experience through the process of learning, in which our civilization demonstrates diversity through different cultures. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that background is ‘the things that have made you into the person you are, esp. family, experience, and education.’ From my point of view, an individual’s background consists of a set of customs and traditions valued by an ethnic group in society. Growing up in Nepal is part of an experience that will forever stay with me. Immigrating to the US from Nepal and settling down on an isolated island off Cape Cod called Nantucket as a twelve-year-old child dramatically changed my life. Separated from my mom and other families I knew and the things I was used to, I felt alienated and uncomfortable in Nantucket. Nonetheless, I diverted the pessimistic sentiments into a power of alacrity that motivated me to transcend in academics and extracurricular activities.

Moreover, my immigrant background gave me adjusting skills that have helped me explore various opportunities as a diverse person in Nantucket and as an enthusiastic student working with personalities of varied backgrounds and cultures. There were times when I felt like I did not belong in the US because I was commencing to learn English. My new beginning in Nantucket differed distinctly from my old one in Nepal. Nantucket lacked the festivities, food, and celebrations of Nepal. My father was a very busy man working 14 hours a day in a Sushi restaurant; meanwhile, my brother was preparing himself to get ready for college by taking rigorous AP courses and standardized tests. They were both extremely busy men. To move on from isolation, I explored what I liked doing, and cooking turned out to be one of my favorite passion. Attending school sometimes frightened me because I wasn’t able to answer my classmates without hesitation whenever they asked me where I was from.

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It was not because I was timid or scared of my classmates; it was because when I answered them back, they didn’t know about Nepal. As time progressed, I got comfortable with my classmates and educated them about Nepal and the significance of its culture. In light of these impediments, I started to question the importance of migrating to the US, observing my dad’s exhausted physical and emotional state seven times a week. I began to perceive the motive behind the differences that permanently adjusted my life: an opportunity to shine and create a prestigious title so that I could educate people about Nepal’s unique culture in the US.

My school offered English Language Learning classes for immigrant students, so I began taking advantage of the course, and my teacher was very benevolent in staying after hours to help me become a better English learner. Although I was determined and motivated, I was still shy and hesitant to speak up in front of my other classmates who were born in the States. Because of Mrs. Norton’s encouragement, I found the person within myself who wasn’t shy or hesitant to speak up anymore. Last Christmas, I hosted a talent show in front of my entire high school, and I have Mrs.Norton to thank for that. Because she helped me explore my capabilities, today, I am a reliable and independent young woman. Being under Mrs. Norton’s guidance boosted my self-confidence. Although it has been five years since I arrived in Nantucket, my cultural experience has strengthened my character in many ways that will be socially advantageous for my future. As a student from a different background, I adjusted to how to balance the American culture with Nepalese. Additionally, having experienced two different environments, I have learned to be sympathetically approaching people with varied backgrounds like me.

Changes Of Person’s Temperament From Naughty To Shy

Everyone is born with some kind of temperament. It shows personality traits like personal values, talents, and attitudes. One cannot change their own temperament. It is so special that it defines us as human beings. I believe that we should all thank God for giving us diverse temperaments. It is a mixture of inherited traits that intuitively imitate a person’s performance. I agree with the definition that is stated in the article because as time went on, my experiences did influence how I act now. I do not fight anymore, and I am very connected with my family than I was before. I believe that individual temperaments have their courage, objections, potentials, and limitations in life.

I had a talk with my parents and extended family about how I was when I was young, and I concluded that when I was a child, my temperament label was difficult. This conclusion was made from my own instinct after looking at what I am today and going through all the things my family members have told me. We had a get-together last weekend, and I asked them when we were having tea to describe to me how I was when I was a child. My parents just shook their heads, and my cousins asked me to pay them anytime they went through a problem because of me.

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My mother described me as a child who would never sit compared to my brother. She said that I would always love to move around, and if I stayed in the same spot for about five to ten minutes, they would know that I was not well. At my temple, I was very famous. Everyone knew that I had entered the Gurudawara because I would be jumping off the walls. My mother said she always had difficulties monitoring me because I would go with any random person and just play with them, unlike my brother, who would stay on top of my parents and just be with them. The priest at my temple was a witness to my temperament behavior. Not only was I well-known at my temple, but I was also well-known in my subdivision too. I would always be bicycling around in the summer or sledding in the snow in the winter. My appetite was chaotic too. From the beginning, I was always the chubby little child everyone loved in some way.

However, I would get very angry at the fact that people would go off of the amount I would eat and make fun of me. I remember this because I always had problems with my mom about overeating and why she would give me one piece of bread and give my skinny little brother two. I felt that she was being sexist, but she was actually looking out for my future health, and I understand that now. Where my overeating was a problem, my brother would not eat at all. So, when I was complaining to my mother that she was being unfair because she always gave him two and me one, my brother would complain about the fact that he did not want to eat. All he ever wanted was milk. The biggest problem my parents would have was that I would never sit in one place and eat. As I was a child, I would make a mess here and there with my food because I felt like I had so much to do and would not concentrate on eating, which would result in a messy floor.

My cousins and brother did not like me as a child. As I grew up, we became much more connected. When I was young, they considered me an attention seeker. I would occupy myself with actions that would put me in trouble. For example, I would get into fights with the other children over very little things and begin to cry. However, as time went on, I remember that I became very shy. My shy behavior resulted in me having very few friends of my age, and the few friends I would make, we would start to fight.

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