Human Reproduction

Human Reproduction.

Human Reproduction

PowerPoint Presentation


Well, it is that time—yes, time for that talk. For this activity, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation about human reproduction. You are to pretend that the presentation is what you will use to give your son or daughter “the talk” about human reproduction. Make sure you use correct terminology. If you have never created a PowerPoint presentation, make sure you view the CSU Success Center videos suggested in the unit learning activity.

Your presentation must include the following:

– overall purpose of the reproductive systems;

– information about the male and female systems including:

-at least two visual aids illustrating the two systems, and

-structure and function of the major organs of both male and females systems;

-methods of practicing “safe sex” and preventing pregnancy; and

– STDs.

Be sure to follow the formatting guidelines provided below:

– Use bulleted information on slides (5 lines or less).

– Include details in the speaker’s notes.

—Include a separate title slide and a separate reference slide.

– Use appropriate font and backgrounds.

– Include at least nine slides, but not more than 15 slides (not counting your title slide or reference slide).

– Use correct APA format for references and citations, and use correct grammar and spelling.

– Upload the presentation as a .ppt or .pptx file.

Human Reproduction

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