I also need someone to answer the following question since it was left unanswered

I also need someone to answer the following question since it was left unanswered
“A. Visit the website of two customs brokers with offices in YOUR COUNTRY. Private companies are desired. Detail the services that each company provides. Provide contact information for each.”
The tutor forgot to include this part of the assignment as well
“After that, respond to each topic you were requested to address in sequence. For each topic, your response should clearly state the question(s) you understood you were to address. Then give a written response to the question that summarizes the source information. Your written response should then be supported with (1) an image that shows the specific source information you used, and (2) a weblink to that source in case your manager wants to seek out additional information”
I would especially like someone to double-check the answers to the following questions that the tutor answered
A. Using the two relevant maritime ports and the containerized shipping option, get the current market rate estimate in dollars between these two ports. Use the higher end of the range for your calculations. (Use the Freight Calculator tool available at World Freight Rates HERE (Links to an external site.))
3. Calculate CIF. Show all your calculations.
4. Determine tariffs and taxes.
A. Based on the tariff category, determine the tariff percentage and calculate the duty that would be associated with these imported products. Access the US Country Commercial Guide for YOUR COUNTRY HERE (Links to an external site.) and look under the “Customs, Regulations