Identify a case in Nexis Uni

Fill in the information below after finding the following case on Nexis/Uni:
A not-for-profit corporation sought judgment to restrain the US from enforcing the statute that regulates electronic payments to certain online gaming businesses. An attorney for the non-profit stated that the government was unnecessarily imposing morality on the customers of these businesses and that the statute was unconstitutionally vague. The judge at the district level rejected the claims, stating that a person of ordinary intelligence could understand the definitions set forth in the statute. When the non-profit appealed the district court decision, the appellate judge agreed with the district court’s decision.
Hint: The statute at issue in this case is 31 U.S.C.S. § 5361.
Clarification: This case you are looking for is the circuit court case, NOT the case from the lower court.
Please answer the following (several sentences for each):
– Citation.
Example: McGladrey