Identifying Symmetry in Music: Comparing a Contemporary Piece to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40

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In the video: Mozart and Symmetry, Leonard Bernstein discusses the importance of symmetry as related to the main theme in Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. How within an eight measure phrase, we find 2 measures symmetrical with the next 2 measures that become symmetrical with the following 4 measures and so on.
Watch the Bernstein video found in module 9.
Find a contemporary piece that offers a symmetrical 8 measure device similar to Mozart’s theme in Symphony No. 40.
Analyze the contemporary 8 measure melody. Discuss in detail how measures 3 4 are symmetrical to measures 1 2 (I would suggest finding a youtube video that shows the music notation to help you).
Compare the contemporary 8 measure theme to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 Theme.