Imagine The World After 100 Years

Dear diary, today has been the craziest day, you have absolutely no idea. I woke up at 8:30 AM, as per usual, and my day began pretty normally. I woke up and snoozed my alarm a few times before walking into the bathroom, brushing my teeth and getting dressed. One of my colleagues had invited me over to his house for Christmas because I don’t really have any relatives that live close to me. I was running a little late, but that was nothing new. I picked up my phone before I walked out the door and quickly turned it on to see if I had any notifications. Everything seemed normal, except for the date – December 25th, 2118. Due to my time crunch, I ignored it and continued on my way. Prepare yourself, this is where it gets really weird. I got out to my car, and opened the door to find that there was no steering wheel! There was only a large screen where the wheel had once been. While my brain tried to comprehend what could have possibly happened, my car started speaking to me! Have you ever heard of anything so bizarre in your entire life?

It asked me where I wanted to go and when I hesitantly said my destination out loud, you’ll never believe it, it took me there! Only minutes later, I was at the party. Once I began conversing with people, I was profoundly bewildered that there was absolutely no remnant of Christ at all. No one had even seemed to have heard of the story of the birth of Jesus. I often share my faith and talk to these people about Jesus, but they seemed clueless! I didn’t know what was going on, I thought that everyone may be playing some sort of prank on me. I began to walk around and noticed many more things that didn’t seem right. Christmas trees were silver and plastic and nothing looked happy – all serious business. I knew something wasn’t right. I walked up to one of my colleagues and asked him if he had any goals for the new year. He replied with a short laugh and said, “my only goal for 2121 is to survive it.” I’m pretty sure that at this point my jaw dropped.

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My heart sank. “2121?” I asked. He nodded. I couldn’t believe this. I had somehow traveled 100 years into the future overnight. I checked my phone again, more thoroughly this time. Sure enough it said, ‘December 25th, 2118’. I continued to walk around, moreso in a panic this time. I overheard people talking rashly about only material things. Only about what they were going to receive for Christmas. I was disgusted. Suddenly, I abruptly sat up in my bed. I quickly checked my phone and to my relief, the date was “December 25th, 2018” What do you know? It was all a dream. I knew right away that this was no coincidence. I knew that this Christmas I had to make a difference.

After I got ready, I ran to my kitchen, made some cookies, and took them downtown. I handed them out to people passing by, wished them a Merry Christmas, and told them that Jesus loves them. I spent all day doing kind acts and spreading God’s love. It’s very important to always remember that our God is a selfless God, and we must following in His ways and think of others before ourselves. And most importantly we must remember that Christmas is not about material things. It is about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   

Challenges In College Life

The major i would like to pursue is Biomedical Sciences. I would like to go to the University of Pennsylvania. To get this degree I would be at the school of engineering. Biomedical science is a BAS degree, which means Bachelor of Applied Science (Biomedical Sciences 1). This major deals with issues relating to human health, medicine, and diseases (Major: Biomedical Sciences). Subjects i would be studying throughout my courses are: anatomy, chemistry, genetics, biochemical and physiological functions, anatomical and historical structures, epidemiology, and lastly pharmacology. During my studies i will learn how to maintain and promote health in humans and animals (Biomedical Sciences 2). With the education I’ve received during college i have the option to go into a career with biology or medicine, I’ve chosen medicine. I think i became interested in following a career in medicine while my little brother was in the hospital. At first i wanted to become a nurse, but after he had a few surgeries I think I took interest in anesthesiology. Anesthesia is very interesting to me. It is fascinating how while using anesthesia doctors can perform procedures painlessly. Think about how without anesthetic drugs patients would be moving and feeling excruciating pain, which would make a surgents more difficult. Because I want to follow a career in the medical field, i thought it would be a good idea to major in a science related field and biomedical sciences interested me most. The courses required for me junior and senior year of college according to the University of Sciences are: Anatomy and Physiology sequence, Clinical Biology Course, Humanities Discipline Requirements, Microbial Science Lab, Introduction to Biostatistics, Biochemistry Genetics, Biological Sciences Seminar 1 and 2, and finally science electives. I would like to go to the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve decided this because after i get my bachelors degree i would like to go to Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine.

The university of Pennsylvania also known as UPenn or Penn is a medium sized ivy league college. The total enrollment is 11,874; 10,033 of those enrolled students are undergraduates; 2,412 of the undergraduates are freshmen. 9% of all applicants are accepted (University of pennsylvania). Upenn is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, which according to Apple maps is 122 miles/ 1 hour and 53 minutes driving from my house. The university has many recreational and historical/ educational activities. Their ice rink, Morris Arboretum garden, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, and DAvid Ruck Health and Fitness center all seem very enjoyable (cite). To live on Penn’s campus the total cost of attendance to the college is $75,303 ,if you live in pennsylvania, this includes tuition, room and board, books and supplies, personal expenses and transportation. The cost of living on campus with just tuition and dorm ,if you live in state, is $71,200. The SAT scores required to get into the University of Pennsylvania are 1420-1560 out of 1600, ACT scores are 32-35 out of 36. 54% of freshmen summiter their ACT scores and 46% submitted their SAT scores (University of Pennsylvania). “Like other Ivy League schools, Penn does not award scholarships based on academic or athletic merit. Penn is committed to meeting your full determined need for eight academic semesters with grand-based aid.” – Grants and Scholarships page.

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