Introduction to Marketing

Please Answer All Questions. Use at least 2 reference sources. Preferable from Google Scholar. Answer all the questions Question one                                                                                    a) Define the term segmentation and discuss THREE popular methods of market segmentation and give examples of EACH method as to how it has been used in a company or industry of your choice.          [20 marks] Question two  a) Explain and discuss the market research process, the techniques used and how market research is conducted  [20] (b)    Discuss the objectives of consumer sales-promotion. [10 marks] (c)    Explain five consumer sales-promotion techniques (sales promotion mix). [10 marks]     Question three     According to Porter (1979) there are five competitive forces which influence the state of competition in an industry and which together determine the ability of firms in that industry to make a profit. Explain each of the five forces. [20 MARKS] Question four A company’s marketing environment consists of the micro environment and the macro environment. Discuss at least 5 macro forces and 5 micro forces that influence marketing. [20 MARKS]