Introduction to Travel , Tourism and Hospitality

Please answer all the questions. Use at least 2 number of sources and in text citation.  Thank you.Assignment 2Answer all questionsQuestion 011.    Mention 5 hotel classification and explain each in detail, and support your answer with practical example (20 Marks)Question 022.    Tourism and hospitality service and products are very complicated in nature and this worsen by their intangibility in nature. Give an appraisal of the roles played by intermediaries within the travel system (20 marks). Question 033.    Tourism is one of the industries that is affected external factors. Identify and explain the major threats that can influence travel, tourism and hospitality development (20 marks). Question 044.    Highlight and explain the changes in travel motivation caused by demographic and economic factors (20 marks). Question 055.    Give an account on how the following factors have led to the growth and development of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry:5.1.    Socio-economic factors (5 marks)5.2.    Changes in consumer needs and preferences (5 marks)5.3.    Developments in ICT (5 marks)5.4.    Role of local authorities and the government (5 marks)