is working for Facebooks marketing department, Transactional leadership is my current leadership style

The LDP is a formal, APA formatted paper that provides insights to the leadership style that you will need to succeed in your position/profession. The LDP should contain or discuss the following leadership aspects:
– an introduction that describes what leadership study you presently have. You should start with the summary you provided in a previous assignment, but must address your values and overall leadership ethical perspective and how your ethics and values have shaped your present leadership style;
– summarize the leadership style that you thought you would need for the position/profession that you want to pursue;
– summarize the key leadership lessons you learned from your interviews. In your findings, discuss what you learned regarding the leadership needed to succeed in the position/profession you plan to pursue. Link leadership theories, approaches, and models to your interview results. The length for this section is approximately two to four pages;
– based on your interviews, discuss what leadership style is needed to succeed in your chosen position/profession. When discussing, please include what you will need to do in the future to change or adapt your present leadership style to one that will allow you to succeed in your chosen position/profession. Be specific in the actions you will take, the intended results, and who can hold you accountable and mentor you in this development process.
The overall length of the LDP is approximately six to eight pages of text; use proper APA format to include cover sheet, page numbers, and references.

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