John Krumoltx theory

John Krumoltx theory.

  • Students will complete an APA      style research overview on a career counseling theorist John Krumoltx and be 8-10 pages      in body length; (PAGE COUNT DOES      NOT INCLUDE face sheet, abstract page, and bibliography page). Your paper      must contain at least 8 outside resources; one of them being the      text. This assignment involves reading a primary source by the researcher      and obtaining a critical analysis of the theory from an additional      source. The following should be      included in the overview:

a. Background of the theorist (including influences)

b. General overview of the counseling theory

c. Case Study/Application of the theory and a case study from your experience working with or observing clients. If you have limited experience at this point in your career/internship please write as if you were working with a client.

d. Positive influence of theory as well as shortfalls of theory

Your opinion about the theory

John Krumoltx theory

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