Journal article assignment

The article criteria are as follows:-Must be from a peer-reviewed NURSING  journal-Must be published within the last five years (2015 to present)Library Assignment/APA Scholarly Paper (7.5%)Purpose: The purpose of the scholarly reflective analysis is to provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate analytic thinking and scholarly writing. This paper is to be a reflection on a scholarly article that you found from a peer-reviewed nursing journal. (For guidelines regarding appropriate journals, please refer to the Library and APA resources posted in Unit 1). The paper needs to meet the following criteria: 1. Addresses an area of nursing in which you have an interest (pediatric, community, nurse anesthesiology, etc.); must be an article written by a nursing scholar. 2. Applies Sister Roach’s 6 C’s, or Mayeroff’s Caring Ingredients, OR another theory of caring science to the article review (Examples include Boykin

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