Just a topic from below write a well developed 2 paragraph

Topic A: two well developed paragraphs
The author of The Law and Cervantes likens Zoraida to Marcela: “Like Marcela. . .,Zoraida is a very independent and strong-willed young woman–she too wants her freedom. Her conversion to Christianity and flight with the captive has led her to betray her own father, Agi Morato.” Do you agree with Zoraida’s decisions with regard to her father? Use specific evidence from the novel, and be sure to include a rebuttal of the opposing view.
Topic B: two well developed paragraphs
Upon arrival in Cervantes’s Spain, Zoraida, despite her desire to be baptized, would be likely to encounter intolerance due to her ethnic and religious background. Do you agree with those who view The Captive’s Tale as Cervantes’s “plea for tolerance”? Be sure to include a rebuttal of the opposing view. Do you consider America today a tolerant society?

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