LGST- Learning exercise

Attorney Ivy continues to focus your work on analysis of the cases and statutes related to client Folly’s case. You and Ivy’s paralegal team have identified several cases and statutes relevant to Folly’s case.
Ivy asks you to analyze and synthesize the identified cases and statutes and their application to the questions presented in Folly’s case.
Ivy reminds you, as a refresher, that synthesizing involves explaining the law and the reasoning of the courts when they resolve a specific issue. Synthesis explains the law and how the courts reach their holdings. The synthesis explains the standards, factors, criteria, and approaches that the courts use to solve the legal dispute.
1. Read the cases and statutes in the LEGAL RESOURCES FOR PROJECTS section in MAJOR PROJECTS INFORMATION in Content.
2. Brief the cases and outline the statutes to focus your analysis. The briefs and outline will not be submitted with this Learning Activity.)
3. Analyze and thoroughly explain the law applicable to one of the questions presented in Folly’s case:
Whether Sherman Helmsley’s acceptance of rent payments from Emily Folly constituted Helmsley’s acknowledgement of Lemmonaid’s assignment of the lease agreement to Folly, subjecting her to the terms of Lemmonaid’s lease?
Assuming a lease agreement exists between Sherman Helmsley and Emily Folly, whether Folly’s baking pies for sale in the apartment constitutes commercial use of the premises in violation of the lease agreement for a private residence, entitling Helmsley to repossession of the premises?
Citations should be in BLuebook format.
Label responses, as appropriate.
Write in correct, complete sentences in paragraph format, unless instructed otherwise.
Use Arial or Times Roman, size 12 font.

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