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The contemporary corporate world is distinguished by its increased diversity and rapid development. In tandem with the rapid growth of society, technological advancement imposes new requirements on businesses and industries. To ensure the growth of enterprises and their ability to thrive in the current highly competitive climate, these conditions must be addressed. As a result, management strategies and tools are prioritized as the most effective means to develop a competitive advantage and meet the needs of existing customers.

Companies must also be adaptable to new circumstances and possess a high degree of flexibility due to the variety of requirements and the complexity of the working environment. Under these circumstances, project management approaches and methodologies are commonly employed by specialists to resolve tasks and attain predetermined objectives. The selection of a suitable PM paradigm is particularly crucial for the McDelivery project because it preconditions its outcomes and its capacity to evolve.

McDelivery Initiative

Several aspects of the discussed project should be examined while establishing a suitable management strategy. McDonald's is a globally recognized brand renowned for its chain of fast-food outlets ("McDonald's McDelivery Expands"). The corporation is one of the market leaders with solid revenues and substantial resources that can be allocated to new brand evolution vectors. McDelivery now operates in about 47 countries and generates additional revenue for the corporation. It satisfies people's needs for convenience, comfort, and time savings by allowing them to engage in other activities while they wait for their food.

Due to the strong demand for these types of services, new projects that influence numerous domains are frequently initiated (Wright). A management must recognize that the successful operation of McDelivery is contingent upon effective coordination between multiple parties, cooperation with clients, and timely delivery of ordered products. In light of this, the selection of the PM strategy should be impacted by the aforementioned success elements.

Approach to Project Management for the McDelivery Project

Regarding the aforementioned criteria, the PM methodology must be able to account for the need for adaptability, flexibility, and continual improvement. Under these conditions, Scrum, one of Agile's offshoots, can be considered a competent approach for completing the work and achieving the specified objectives (Sliger). It emphasizes on the alignment of the efficient operation of project teams, precise sprints that guarantee short-term accomplishment, and daily meetings to communicate current data and offer beneficial outcomes (Sliger).

According to this concept, the collective must be self-organizing and self-managing in order to work efficiently and contribute to the progress of the project. Scrum gives McDelivery, with its traditional emphasis on group work, a set of advantages and benefits that can lay the groundwork for rapid development in a new area and enhanced collaboration with clients, both of which are essential to the achievement of specified objectives.

Advantages of the PM Methodology

The primary benefit of Scrum PM approach for McDelivery is that it promotes greater teamwork. Due to the extensive explanations and daily discussions, every member of the group has a crystal-clear view of the enterprise (Sliger). Due to the participation of third parties and the necessity to consider client needs when organizing delivery, greater cooperation between all employees is essential for achieving high customer satisfaction and establishing strong customer relationships. In addition, regular meetings contribute to improved problem-solving and discussion of topics that must be modified to prevent a severe decline in results.

Scrum's fast-paced nature is an additional essential feature that makes it an advantageous alternative to McDelivery. Given that the project is projected to be completed in two months, time becomes a crucial resource. Unique to this PM approach are 30-day improvement periods structured according to end-goals and necessary tasks (Sliger). Every team member is informed of his or her responsibilities and acts in accordance with the current road map. The presented paradigm aids in avoiding misconceptions and focusing all available resources on the accomplishment of the current objective, which is one of the project's most crucial duties.

Scrum can be considered a valuable method for enhancing client relationships and ensuring their high satisfaction. The fact is that frequent meetings and improved collaboration contribute to a gradual improvement in service employees' understanding of clients' wants and expectations. Sharing information about difficulties or successful practices fosters a fluid and adaptable atmosphere, which is essential for establishing an effective customer management strategy (Sliger). Consequently, the chosen PM methodology might have a favorable effect on client relations.

Thus, the supplied list of advantages justifies the selection of Scrum as a potential method for organizing the work of a new McDelivery unit and enhancing its outcomes. Additionally, it fits the corporation's criteria for employee cooperation and continuous improvement. The high level of flexibility and adaptability also ensures that employees will be able to respond to fluctuating client demands and meet their needs for ease and comfort.

Anticipated Challenges

In spite of the numerous benefits connected with the usage of Scrum to assist the evolution of McDelivery, it is important to avoid certain pitfalls. First, the outcome is highly dependent on the performance and adaptability of teams. Due to the fact that these departments are regarded the foundation of a company's operations, a lack of discipline or desire can degrade outcomes and set the stage for the achievement of disappointing results (Sliger).

In addition, the above-described attempts to save time and engage in sprints may have contributed to a lack of awareness of fundamental duties and limited knowledge of the project's scope and objectives. In order to avoid these errors, it is essential to implement an effective evaluation practice to analyze both client and employee data and maintain awareness of the firm's impact on current problematic situations.

Conclusion and Suggestion

Overall, due to the nature of McDelivery and its emphasis on providing clients with high-quality services, Scrim can be regarded as an adequate PM approach supporting positive results. The emphasis on teams and their enhanced performance will enhance their capacity to collaborate with clients and address their demands. Likewise, all associated risks can be avoided during daily meetings by presenting information on the project's current status and topics that should be reconsidered to reach positive outcomes. In addition, the rapid speed and sprinting practices justify the favorable nature of Scrum and its capacity to assist McDelivery evolve.


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