Medical Cardiovascular and Muscle Physiology

Objectives:Understand the complexity and physiological basis of diseases of genetic origin.
Explore and understand accepted treatment options or future treatment strategies.
Learn to use literature searches.
Develop writing skills to clearly and concisely explain the pathophysiology of disease.
Task:You will write an essay (1000 words) addressing each of the following:
What is the genetic basis of the disease?
What is the molecular basis of the disease? (What is abnormal at the cellular, biochemical, or molecular level?)
What are the physiologic implications of the disease? (What is abnormal about the physiology of people with this disease?)
What are the current treatment options or the development strategies for therapy
Each of these questions can be addressed sufficiently in one paragraph (250 words or less for each question). Please make sure to include in text citations as well as a citation page. Make sure paper is written in APA style.

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