Micro Economics Question

Consider how individual firms make decisions. What factors guide firms in their decision-making process? As you do so, address three of the following (and only three) assigned concepts in conjunction an assigned question:
Concept: Invisible Hand PrincipleQuestion: What role does the invisible hand play in a firm’s decision-making process – both in regard to the firm’s own self-interest and also in regard to the market’s natural tendency toward equilibrium (the point at which the quantity demanded equals the quantity supplied)?

Concept: Price Elasticity of DemandQuestion: How does the nature of demand for a firm’s service or product affect its decision-making process?

Concept: Profit – Accounting versus EconomicQuestion: What information is conveyed by economic profit as opposed to accounting profit? Which measure of profit is most useful to a firm’s decision-making process? Why?

Concept: Price Takers versus Price SearchersQuestion: What is the difference between firms that are price takers and those that are price searchers? Assignment FormatSection 1 Include a brief introductory paragraph comprised of a statement of purpose for your assignment – what are you going to do and how are you going to do it.Sections 2 through 4Here you will have a one to two paragraph section for each of the 3 assigned concepts you select. With each of your three assigned concept sections begin by first fully defining and explaining the assigned concept in your own words, only then move to apply the assigned concept in the context of the connected topic question.Section 5This should be a brief concluding paragraph to summarize the key elements articulated in your assignment.Section 6 (References Section)While you should define and explain your three selected assigned concepts in your own words, you should be prepared to supplement your understanding of the topic questions with research. Be sure to cite any resources used in this section. You may use whatever reference format you desire (MLA, APA, etc.), but when you cite a website, be sure to include the full and specific URL with your reference. Length and FontAnswers should range between 1,500 and 2,000 words in total for the assignment. The assignment should be single-spaced, in Calibri 11pt font. If your word-processing program does not support Calibri font, simply type “My computer does not support Calibri font, so I am using **** font.” at the top of your answer. File TypeAll answers must be submitted to the course site in RTF (Rich Text Format). Answers submitted in any other format will not be accepted. The

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