My Favourite Sport Is Basketball

The luminescent glow of the glossy wood floor resting under my feet, bearing upon it the dreams of many who stood over it. The long days spent on it that turned into long nights. The grind and passion it brings that connect the people who choose to walk on it together. The sweat, blood, and tears that fall on it, creating history with each drop. Ball in my hands, one minute and 47 seconds left on the clock, game tied at 25, the crowd dead silent. My legs were dead and stiff, the only thing keeping me from falling was the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I had to ignore that feeling and keep telling myself, ¨You’re the leader of this team, don’t let them down, they trusted you with the ball for a reason.¨ I directed my teammates to the right positions on the court and called for play 333, a play I drew up in the timeout right before the possession. The play initiated, the small forward came up and set a screen on my defender and I drove to my right. I saw a nick of open space and shot the ball. It was just a blur, I didn’t know that the ball went in until I heard the crowd roar.

To me, basketball isn’t just dribbling a ball up and down the court and shooting it into a basket. It is a game of life lessons. Basketball embodies what I strive to be: a great and fair leader who loves and wants the best for his people more than for himself. As a point guard, I must make decisions under pressure in order to ultimately win the game. As a point guard, I have an immense responsibility with the basketball and the decisions I make with it. If I decide to be selfish with the ball, that could cost my team a win. If I get everybody involved and step up as a leader, the chances of the team winning the game as a whole skyrocket. As a point guard, I must take control and lead my team and make sure everybody is in the right position to be successful. As a point guard, I must treat my teammates as my brothers and establish a connection deeper than just being teammates. As a point guard, I have to make an image for myself in a way that my teammates will trust me with the ball by showing self-discipline and maturity. As a point guard, I am the leader of the team.

The position of point guard symbolizes selflessness and leadership. As the story of my life continues, I want those attributes to be in every part of it. Being a point guard has formed the base for me to be a leader and live an altruistic life. I want to make my own legacy and enjoy a lifetime of leadership, giving, and sharing. I want the younger generations to look up to me as a role model and want to embody my characteristics. I want to have a positive influence on everybody I interact with and make people feel like they can trust me and rely on me.

Basketball has not only made me an accomplished athlete, it has made me the person I am today. Through being a point guard, I feel like I have acquired the values and the burning desire to benefit others more than myself, and these values are forming a foundation for a great life. Yet I also feel that that foundation is not enough and there is yet a sea of knowledge that I am a stranger to. I do not yet have the sophistication, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to succeed in the adult world. I know that going to college will guide me toward a life of greatness that will make me the point guard of my society.

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Rhetoric In Animal Farm By George Orwell

What if the roles of life were reversed? Imagine for a second that animals had the authority of the world instead of humans. This exaggeration was demonstrated on a smaller scale in the novella Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. The rhetorical devices in Animal Farm help the reader understand how a common situation would look if flipped upside down. Working until exhaustion, the animals lived on the Manor Farm without any thoughts of a new life. That is until the oldest boar on the farm, Old Major, held a meeting to discuss a dream he had. The dream inspired him to lead the discussion of a rebellion where animals overthrow human beings. Old Major used various rhetorical devices in Animal Farm, such as ethos, pathos, and logos, to manipulate and convince the other animals that a rebellion would be for the greater good. Unfortunately, every rise has its fall — every hierarchy has anarchy. An Animal Farm rhetorical analysis is necessary to understand this system.

When delivering his speech, Old Major used his reputation to his advantage. Using his ethos (a technique to display power or authority), Old Major was able to connect with his audience. Throughout the beginning of Animal Farm, Old Major was described as being highly regarded compared to the other animals. Old Major said, “I have had a long life, I have had much time for thought as I lay alone in my stall, and I think I may say that I understand the nature of life on this earth as well as any animal now living” (Orwell 2). This quote gives the impression that Old Major is knowledgeable to the other animals on the farm. Just as today in society, the animals feel obligated to listen to him because he is established; they believe anything he says must be truthful and hold significant meaning.

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Once Major had the animals’ attention, he continued the speech with a different technique. Old Major used the persuasion method of pathos, which means he connected to the animals emotionally to make them intrigued. Orwell wrote him, saying, “I do not think, comrades, that I shall be with you for many months longer”(2). Old Major feels his long life is coming to an end. By sharing this with the other animals, they feel sympathetic for Old Major. Making them more willing to do whatever he asks of them. He demonstrates how the animals have lived under the watch of Mr. Jones by using “we” and “our.” Old Major switched his style of rhetorical appeal, one of the examples of rhetorical appeals in Animal Farm, to persuade the others.

By using this method, Old Major expresses problems that are shared. This common ground is something he can draw from to win the affection of his audience. Old Major talks about problems that have plagued the farm animals for a long time, but he was never majorly affected by them. He even takes note of this in his speech by saying, “For I myself do not grumble, for I am one of the lucky ones” (Orwell 3). This is quite odd because he was trying to call himself one of them, even though he did not experience similar hardships.

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