Negative Effects Of Video Games Comparing The Positive Impact


People do not always want to run somewhere, they do not always want to kill lots of monsters, and they certainly do not always want to find themselves in the boundaries of space. Sometimes, all people want is a relaxing video game that will help them chill out after a long, busy day. A game that does not have irritable music when you do not get enough score, or you get killed for not playing online constantly. As the population has changed toward mostly urban experience, many activities have been virtualized, and community interaction has been lost. A screen-dominated culture is broad in nature, with pollution, manufacture, destruction, and wasteful use

of energy. It is used in gaming, a socially isolating activity. However, like any technology, video games have positive and negative sides. The environment of many video games provides an experience that can support learning and understanding of the inaccessible natural world, while the urban environment limits access to nature.

Relaxing Games and Stress Relief

In the video game Proteus, players can discover the mystery of the unavoidable future by exploring nature. It is a bright, cartoon island full of different plants and creatures that live their lives through all seasons, from winter to spring. This game is not for competition, and it is non-violent. Surprisingly, it quickly made a fan favorite. Because of minimalism, PROTEUS has succeeded.

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It is simple and complex at the same time. Also, time is extremely compressed in this video game. It can be finished in roughly an hour. The rising and setting of the moon and sun and the changing weather are highlighted. Players can pass through and discover a constantly changing environment. Players can experience changes in the ecosystem with natural cycles. Watching birds flying

in the sky and a minute later dying on the ground might cause emotional feelings and a strong sense of oncoming death. It depends on players when the crossing between seasons takes place. There are glowing lights inside a circle during the first night of the new season. Players have to step into this circle to move to the next season. While approaching the center of the circle, players can speed up time to see nights and days moving in a quick time-lapse. Also, there are several locations with extraordinary experiences and once–in–a–lifetime occasions. Breathtaking meteors or storms occur frequently. The game gives players a deep feeling of nature’s

mystery and wonder. Winter in Proteus causes players’ deaths and develops powerful feelings about the lack of exclusion between human life and the environment that supports it.

The video game AZBU is an adventure game where players can discover and explore the deepness of the ocean. The game shows underwater life in the deep ocean. Also, players can cooperate with creatures that live underwater. There are a few moments with some of the ocean’s sharks but without any violence or blood. AZBU starts with a diver swimming in the middle of the ocean. You can explore the underwater world fussy with life. Swimming with loss of the deep, you can explore even more mystery as you pass by an ancient civilization. As you become more and more connected with the ocean, you begin to explore your role in a colossal plan. It is your responsibility to give new life to toxic and dark areas, recover a sense of balance in the world, and keep underwater way to your final part. It is extremely exciting to see what is around every corner. There are not many objects in the environment for cooperation. But it is also not a game where you have to run around the room pressing buttons and see if something can happen. The surrounding sea life fills this emptiness like a character in and of itself, and you can explore your movement from a mediation spot in the environment.” The soundtrack shifts dynamically as you progress through the environments, stitching together various compositions on the fly to create a mood that matches your surroundings without explicitly calling attention to itself.” (Butterworth) Players can even pause the game at certain moments. It will allow you to explore and enjoy the flourishing ecosystem. Coral reefs, forests, murky trenches, Azbu captivates the beauty of the ocean and a breathtaking, unique sauna. Players will explore fishes, whales, sharks, and many other ocean creatures. It is very peaceful to drift across that world.

Swimming itself feels incredibly satisfying. Azbu is not just an ocean-life simulator as it increased in some magic, surprising, mind-blowing way. This game is an amazing experience. It is a game that players play to feel. Also, Azbu is able to link you with the ocean in a wonderful way.

“In Stardew Valley game players grow crops to sell at the nearby village, improve their farm, clear out their fields, and fall in love with a loving partner they meet at the village.” (Kim) This game has a very affirmative and fun feeling soundtrack. You can have a relaxing and positive feeling at the same time. In addition, there are many other sounds, such as frogs, animals, rain, and many other atmospheric sounds, effects that make the town alive. Stardew Valley has very simple tasks. Imagine that one day you opened a letter from your grandfather which said that he left you his farm. You found overturned buildings, overgrown fields, leaky houses, and garbage-choked ponds. Here, the work begins. You have to work hard to restore this farm. Players must chop down trees and smash rocks in order to clear land. However, your energy is limited, and you must go to bed.

Impact on Emotional Well-Being

Also, the economy is in bad condition. It takes a long time to save enough to buy a few packets of seeds. Then it must be watered until finally, in one amazing moment, you find a squat cabbage. It can be sold, and you will be able to buy some seeds and start the process over. Very soon, players will begin developing farms. Along with agriculture, you can do fishing or even mining. Through the seasons, your ability is increasing, unlocking new items and resources, and you can extend the range of activities where you can apply your time and energy each day. When enough money is saved, you can make an automated system to keep your plants watered and animals fed. Players feel excited once the task is completed.It is not easy to find explanations, but somehow, players start to care for the tiny population of the city, and it is the most powerful moment in the game. This game is not just a farm simulator; it makes you feel right at home. Stardew Valley requires a lot of time. Everything becomes incredibly important when your hard work comes to life.


In conclusion, video games are a perfect way to relieve stress. Games that link you with nature can cause relaxation, meditation, and develop a good mood.” If Playing video games simply makes people happier; this seems to be a fundamental emotional benefit to consider.” (Granic) Relaxing games are enjoyable as they offer easy tasks, a non-stressful environment, and a change in focus. In addition, relaxing games have wonderful nature sounds that have a stress-relief effect. Moreover, players can develop the abilities that could help them to relieve stress and stay organized in their regular lives. Thus, players can develop stress management skills.


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How Did Ponyboy Change In The Outsiders: Transformative Changes


Have you or your friend ever had a near-death experience? Did that change you? In The Outsiders, a novel written by S.E Hinton, Ponyboy Curtis did, and this is how. His parents died in a car accident just before The Outsider’s story takes place. He lives with his oldest brother, Darry, who is 20 years old, and has custody of him and his other brother, Sodapop, who is 16.

The Catalyst: A Near-Death Experience and Loss

Ponyboy is smart, but Darry thinks Ponyboy lacks good decision-making skills. Pony agrees with this. He is smart in school, but out of school, he doesn’t think. These occasions get Pony into trouble that he could avoid. Ponyboy learns that his behavior impacts others, and his maturity leads to the telling of The Outsider’s story.

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He and the brothers are greasers, a term that refers to the people on the poor side of town. They are known for their long, greased hair. Pony has long dark brown hair and green eyes but doesn’t carry a switchblade like his brothers. This tells us he doesn’t want to actually hurt anyone. The brothers also belong to a small, tightly-knit neighborhood gang. Pony explains, ‘There are just small bunches of friends who stick together, and the warfare is between the social classes.’ Pony is the youngest member of their gang, and the other gang members represent extended family members to him. He is able to find security in his friendships with them, and they help fill the void created by his parents’ deaths.

Ponyboy narrates the novel, and this narration is almost a coping method for him. The reader is able to see the changes in Pony’s viewpoints as he is dealing with many issues that are common in an adult’s life. The most powerful issue is that life is not fair. From the deaths of his parents to the economic conditions that cast them as greasers to the deaths of his friends, life is not fair to Ponyboy. This causes him to change quite a bit.


During this two-week period, Pony has to deal with three deaths — two greasers, Johnny, his friend Dally, a “hood” who treated him nice, and one from the rival gang, the Socs. The Socs, short for Socials, are the ‘West-side rich kids.’ By realizing that death at a young age is unfair for all of them, Pony is able to realize that life is not for granted.


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