adobConsider the following scenario:Suppose you are a nurse educator in a meeting with a group of students. This group has approached you to discuss an issue of concern. A fellow student, who is pregnant, has been requesting frequent breaks to elevate her feet. The students who have approached you want to know why she is receiving what they perceive to be “special treatment” in the form of extra breaks that they do not receive. They feel the treatment is not fair to them and want you to encourage the student to drop the course.How might you respond to these students and to the student requesting the breaks? How might you justify the approach and determine fairness to the other students, all of whom must stand? How can ethic of justice versus ethic of care be applied here?To prepare:•    Review the Sorbello (2008) article found in the Learning Resources for this week and think about the ethic of justice versus ethic of care discussion within the article.•    Review the scenario and think about how you might consider the dilemma of ethic of justice versus the ethic of care. Also, consider the legal implications the scenario might present.•    Select a professional setting (i.e., academic, professional development, clinical) and apply the scenario presented to this professional setting.By Day 3Post a brief explanation of how this dilemma might present legal implications. Propose a solution to the dilemma in the scenario based on the setting you chose and from the perspective of ethic of care or the ethic of justice perspective.Use the Learning Resources and/or the best available evidence from current literature to support your explanation.MUST HAVE 3 REFERENCES

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