Nursing Question

Each student will select a topic and write a paper about the selected topic. (safety)
The objectives of this assignment are to:
a. Introduce the student to the nursing literature.
b. Explore the purpose/rationale for a specific topic to improve safety in a practice setting.
c. Compose a professional paper using APA formatting guidelines.
1. Choose a topic within one of the categories provided by instructor and address how a nursing intervention or an evidence-based nursing practice standard can support safety in a practice setting. The nursing intervention should be relevant to the content of NU 230. Information on current issues that US health care agencies and nurses deal with in the practice set- ting is listed below.
2. The student will use computer and library resources to locate a minimum of 2 to 3 recent peer-reviewed articles on the topic.
3. References are to be from recent (less than five years old) peer-reviewed journals. Priority should be given to nursing journals and the final reference list must include a minimum of 2- 3 journal articles.
4. The paper should be approximately 6-7 pages in length. The paper is due on the date noted in the syllabus (class schedule). Late submission of the assignment will result in a loss of two points per day. No papers will be accepted more than one week after the due date.
5. Carefully review the paper evaluation rubric for directions on the content and organization of the paper.

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