Operation Management

Please Answer all the question. Use at least 2 number of sources preferably from Google Scholar. Starting from question 2.  ThanksQUESTION 2     2.     2.1. Identify the risks to health and safety faced by employees and guests in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality [20 marks]. 2.2. Identify and describe the challenges faced by front-line staff in travel, tourism, and hospitality operation [10 marks]. QUESTION 3 3. Discuss the changes to businesses and their consumers caused by the technological transformation in Travel, Tourism, and hospitality [20 marks]. QUESTION 4 4. ICT has become an integral part of almost all commercial and other enterprises. Highlight and explain the benefits of ICT in the operations of the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality sectors [25 marks]. QUESTION 5 5. Describe the main techniques available for the collection of customer feedback [15 marks].