Organisational change

Organisational change.

■The case study is a 3500 (+/- 10%) report

YOU are a Business Psychologist working for a consultancy

YOU are tendering for a project working for a small local printing business struggling in the current economy (economic turndown).

■The business SAMMIE PRINTING SUPPLIES wants advice and guidance on Organisational change to achieve business growth and financial success.

YOU are required to give considered and propose theoretically based advise on how Sammies Printing Supplies will achieve successful change within the business.

■There are many aspects of change that can be implemented

■Consider leadership

Who should be followed/supported? CEO, production Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager?

Are they skilled enough or have the attributes to undertake a ‘leadership’ role

■If not what training do they need?

■What sort of leadership style is best for this scenario and why?

■How will this impact employees?

■Employee motivation

Results in e.g. better performance, employee satisfaction, positive mood,. – (e.g. Herzberg two factor model, Hygiene factors + other models)

■Benefits organisation, team and employee


■Behaviour modification?

■Relationship with leader?

Lack of motivation can result in negative outcomes for the organisation,

Employee leaving, poor quality products, reduced moral, reduced job satisfaction

HOW will YOU (consultant) ensure that your ‘advised’ intervention motivate and engage employees to make changes

■What is the current organisational structure in Sammies?

■What structure would benefit Sammies with regard to the businesses needs?

What roles are required?

Interrelationships between mangers?

Who has responsibility for what?

Who decides who makes the decisions

Are decisions ‘centralised’?

■Results in uniformity, but decreased employee satisfaction – alternatives?

Organisational change

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