Pet Adoption Trends Analysis

“The stacked bar plot in figure ref{fig:barplot2} divides the previous plot by pet type. From this bar plot, it is seen that the number of type 2 (dogs) pets are more than the number of type 1 (cat) pets. The highest number of dogs are adoption speed bar plot for dogs shows a trend similar to the bar plot for the entire dataset with the highest number of dogs being adopted at speed 4. However, it is seen that the highest number of cats are adopted at adoption speed 2 followed by 4 and 1 closely. The number of pets in the speed 0 category are the lowest for both cats and dogs but more cats than dogs are adopted on the same day they are left at the shelter, though there are more dogs at the shelter. This goes on to suggest that cats are preferred for adoption more than dogs.

A powerful method to visualize relationship between two categorical variables in using a 2-D heat map. The colorbar in the heatmap is normalized by the column – the column with the least number of pets in any given row is corresponds to 0 and the column with the highest number of pets corresponds to 1. The color gradient is interpolated in between this range to represent the number of pets that fall within different categories. Column normalization will help to understand if the adoption speed trend varies for different row categories. In figure figure ref{fig:heatmap1}, it is seen that the highest number of pets fall in the maturity size 2 (medium-sized) category while for pets that fall in the maturity size 1 category (small-sized) category, the highest number of pets fall in the adoption speed 1 category. This observation suggests that a greater proportion of small-sized pets are adopted at a higher speed when compared to medium-sized pets.

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The Southern Manifesto And Martin Luther King

Firstly, talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, it won’t be wrong to say that he is the master of the Civil Rights Movement and also, he is one of those pioneers who are honest with their words and is the most famous personality of his area. He was a young Eminent Christian so that is why Luther’s most of the beliefs are obvious and patent. Despite the issue of latest consequence, the faith of Martin in harmony doesn’t faded.

Moreover, the ethics of every Christian straightforwardly comes from their bible but additionally, the argument of The Southern Manifesto presents the methods and styles for getting the freedom everybody wants and put emphasis on giving equal rights to the natives of US i.e. African Americans. Martin expressed in the argument that “for an ethical life, there is only one weapon that we all have and that is ‘not agreeing with anyone with their statements’. There are two possibilities if we are not right, one is that justice is a lie and second is God is not fair”.

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On the Montgomery bus, Rose perks refuse to give her seat to a white passenger in the evening, many local African American people refuse to use the city buses for the transportation. The young minister Martin Luther King Jr provoked the Christian and American ideals of democracy and justice, his main purpose was to knock again and again during his career as a leader for the struggle of civil rights. In the United States, a document known as The Southern Manifesto was written 1956 February an d March, contrary to racial reconciliation of local places.

Both the documents give individual knowledge about freedom which is fine in their own ways. The Southern Manifesto thought that freedom gives opportunity to allow others to see anything they want to with focused segregation of different people according to their ethnicity. Martin Luther believed in freedom in which all the whites and non-whites individuals can take part and be separated of very similar things for we, paying little respect to race, are all individuals. Both the articles are beautiful written with having different perspectives on freedom. We should focus on these two arguments and need to give some attention to their acceptability.”

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