Play A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

In the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, the two characters Stanley and Blanche, have opposite personalities that cause conflict between them. Stanley’s background is described as carelessness and without manners. Although, Blanche’s is the opposite, her background is more prestige as she stood out more. They both have wants in life, and they go through difficulties trying to achieve their desires. Stanley and Blanche affect each other in multiple ways, and use Stella for their own purposes throughout the play.

Stanley and Blanche have wants that they are trying to achieve in their lives. They both want to have love but in different ways. Stanley wants to be loved and never left. Stanley uses love as his way of being able to manipulate and control people. He fears Stella leaving him even though he abuses her. Stella yells out, “ You lay your hands on me and I’ll–” (3.165-8) Then she is hit by Stanley while he is drunk, and Stella later forgives Stanley. This shows how Stanley manipulates Stella into thinking he’s a good person because she loves him.

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To achieve their wants and desire Stanley and Blanche use many ways. One way is by using Stella. Stanley wants to be loved by Stella and to be reassured that she will never leave him. Stanley uses Stella by manipulating her that he really loves her even though he hits her. After Stella is hit by Stanley he starts to regret it. He calls out, “I want my baby down here. Stella, Stella!” (3.76) Stanley acts thats he is mortified of what he done to her and wants her to come back.

Stella is being manipulated by Stanley constantly and she does not see it. Blanche uses Stella to get her away from Stanley. For example, Blanche is always talking negatively about Stanley to Stella. Blanche says, “In my opinion? You’re married to a madman!” (4.73) Blanche does not agree with how Stanley treats Stella and tries to turn her away from her husband. Blanche is trying to use Stella to agree with her and take her side.

Stanley and Blanche affect each other in multiple ways. Stanley’s hostile personality gets in the way of Blanche’s personality. Blanche has more mannerism than Stanley and tends to be calmer in tough situations. Stanley is the exact opposite as he is all the time arguing and being too loud. Throughout the play, Stanley wants to get rid of Blanche and wants her back home. He fears as if she is ruining his and Stella’s relationship, and that Blanche is trying to tack Stella away from him. Stanley talks about Blanche, “She’s not stayin’ here after Tuesday. You know that, don’t you? Just to make sure I bought her ticket myself. A bus ticket!” (7.112 ) He becomes highly jealous of Blanche and wants her out of his and Stella’s lives. He even goes on later to say, “Stell, it’s gonna be all right after she goes and after you’ve had the baby. It’s gonna be all right again between you and me the way that it was. You remember that way that it was? Them nights we had together? God, honey, it’s gonna be sweet when we can make noise in the night the way that we used to and get the colored lights going with nobody’s sister behind the curtains to hear us!” (8.55). Stanley wants his life back to the way it was before Blanche even arrived.

Blanche’s personality affects Stanley since she is more prestige. Blanche tries to explain to Stella that Stanley does not deserve her. This infuriates Stanley causing him to become overprotective of his wife, Stella. Blanche has always wondered why Stella would even be married to Stanley. She considers him to be low class. Blanche even speaks bad about where Stanley and Stella are living. Blanche says, “I thought you would never come back to this horrible place! What am I saying? I didn’t mean to say that. I meant to be nice about it and say–Oh, what a convenient location and such–Haa-ha! Precious lamb! You haven’t said a word to me.” (1.8) Blanche is rude and making fun of how Stella lives.

Stanley and Blanche both are acholochis. Their different relationships with Stella cause them to argue and cause chaos. Stanley is over controlling and nosey to where he finds out about Blanche’s past. Blanche also tries to flirt with Stanley in the beginning of the play. Both characters are disrespectful to other people. Stanley and Blanche are self-centered and rely on the help of Stella. Both Blanche and Stanley find ways to make each other look bad to Stella even though they aren’t the best themselves. Throughout the play the tension between Stanley and Blanche ended up as a tragedy.

Teenage Pregnancy And Youth Mother

Statistics show that pregnancy in the United States differs in many parts of the country , according to the Office of Adolescent Health in the southwest and southeast region, pregnancy rates are higher rate than any other region. You will see the numbers range from 28-34.6 teenage girls,compared to the Northeastern and MidWest where pregnancy is at an all time low. The readings showing numbers from 8.5-15 young girls being the average birth rate in that certain region. In the United States the national birth rate for underage mothers hit another record low for U.S. teens and has dropped 7% from 2016. Birth rates fell 10% for women aged 15-17 years and 6% for women aged 18-19 years (About Teen Pregnancy). A major change that took teenage pregnancy by a drastic turn was when insurance companies were required to provide birth control pills and any form of contraceptives to women at no cost. The Affordable Care Act, helps many teen gain access to contraceptives which would make it easier to decrease the pregnancy birth rate. Yes, the United States may be decreasing in birth rates but compared to the countries, the statistics above prove that the United States is number one concerning the highest birth rates. In 2012, the births per 1000 women aged 15-19 was at a high of 29.4 women in the United States compared to the UK where the number was 19.7. Following the UK, was France with a high of 10.7. The country with the lowest birth rate was Sweden with the birth rates totaled at 5.4 , With both Netherlands and Denmark having the average around 4.4. Teenage pregnancy varies on the type of government and laws they have or on how parents teach their kids on whats good or bad. Therefore, for the information to be all over the place is completely normal because not all countries have the same guidelines.

Every young mother going through a pregnancy at a young age already have the stress and a change in emotions, this suggests for young mothers to have that extra hand for support. During a pregnancy “women” around the age of 35 run the risk of a health scare, compared to teenage girls who have a greater chance of a risk with their pregnancy. A procedure that doctors recommend to a pregnant mother is called “Prenatal Care”. Prenatal Care is highly suggested because this procedure is used to screen the pregnancy throughout the entire 39 weeks. With this, doctors are able to view the fetus at an early stage to determine if the baby has early signs of birth defects, weight problems or even kidney to heart problems. It is suggested that prenatal vitamins should be taken , these vitamins help the fetus and mother fight birth defects. In the event that a young mother does not have the support to get prenatal care, then the risks that can occur can be: “low birth weight/premature birth, anemia (low iron levels), high blood pressure/pregnancy induced hypertension, a higher rate of infant mortality (death), possible greater risk of cephalopelvic disproportion(the baby’s head is wider than the pelvic opening) (Teenage Pregnancy: Medical Risks and Realities). Obtaining the full support from a parent is “key” during a full pregnancy.This supports the fact that with a guiding hand it can bring a teenage mother to a healthy and safe pregnancy.

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