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Directions: Often, the hardest part of writing a body paragraph is the explanation, so I thought it would be good to give it one more practice.
As a reminder, the explanation is the last part of the body paragraph, and it is where you connect the Information (in your case a quote from an article) to your Point. In the explanation, you explain to the reader how the Information (quote) you provided proves your Point (the opinion of that paragraph).
Many writers struggle with the Explanation because it asks us to analyze the information we have given. To make sure we write good explanations, please review the lectures below.
Review the How to Quote/Paraphrase/Summarize to help you complete this assignment.
Step 1: Review
Review each lecture on quote analysis carefully and more than once.
The E in PIE – Tagged
Working with Quotations
How to Analyze a Quote
Step 2: Worksheet
Complete the following worksheet on Quote Analysis
Practicing the E in PIE
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*Note that this is just practice, so it is not on the same subject as your Essay 4. However, you want to take what you do in this practice, and do it as you analyze quotes in Essay 4.
Step 3: Submit
Save and submit your Quote Analysis worksheet.

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