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It has an aim of identifying development areas, establishing objectives in alignment with the management, and encouraging individuals to develop within their roles. A performance management system that is effective makes sure that people plus the team goals are in alignment with institutional goals in order to ensure that performance at the team, organizational and personal level get to be improved via effective implementation of the practices for human resource management (Kim and McLean, 2012)
Question two
Leadership behavior is considered to be the characteristics as well as traits that qualify an individual to be a leader who is effective. Leaders make use of their behavior in helping them directly, offer guidance plus influence the tasks that are being conducted by the teams. Leadership is the practice of encouraging individuals to act towards the achievement of a goal that is common. Within an enterprise setting, a leader involves directing employees plus colleagues with a strategy into meeting the necessities of an organization. Additionally, a leader who is considered to be good is required to work towards instilling confidence within his team, building trust in between them, motivating the team, and giving rewards as well as punishment (Swailes, 2016)
The third is the feedback or appraisal activity which requires the leader to be a communicator who is efficient to enable him to provide feedback that is constructive to their subordinates. Fourth is the training as well as development, in this, a leader is considered to be accountable for the competency development of their team (Budhwar, 2000). The leader is required to illustrate integrity in order to plan for the project’s future in a manner that does not hinder the personal growth of the employees. The fifth activity is future planning whereby a leader is required to inspire their team in order to enable them to formulate lots of ideas that are creative for the advancement of the institution (Vermeeren,, 2014)
Budhwar, P.S. (2000) ‘A reappraisal of HRM models in Britain’, Journal of General Management, 26(2): 72–91
Kim, S. and McLean, G. N. (2012) ‘Global talent management: necessity, challenges, and the roles of HRD’, Advances in Developing Human Resources, 14(4): 566–585.
Swailes, S. (2016) ‘The cultural evolution of talent management: a memetic analysis’, Human Resource Development Review, 15(3): 340–358.
Vermeeren, B., Kuipers, B. and Steijn, B. (2014) ‘Does leadership style make a difference? Linking HRM, job satisfaction, and organizational performance, Review of Public Personnel Administration, 34(2): 174–195.
Answer 2
Performance Management
Performance management can be defined as the means through which senior-level management checks their employees’ roles to ensure they are following the set goals and objectives. It is a strategic tool that promotes attaining set goals, effectiveness, efficiency, and quality (Morales, Carnahan, [supanova_question]

need to answer the questions in APA with references

(500 plus words).
1. Some people say that chatbots are inferior for chatting.
Others disagree. Discuss.

2. Discuss the financial benefits of chatbots.
3. Discuss how IBM Watson will reach 1 billion people by
2018 and what the implications of that are
.4. Compare the chatbots of Facebook and WeChat. Which
has more functionalities?
5.Research the role of chatbots in helping patients with
6.Microsoft partners with the government of Singapore
to develop chatbots for e-services. Find out how this is

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This file already has the libraries set up correctly and contains the 3D object

Computer Science Assignment Help This file already has the libraries set up correctly and contains the 3D object you built, which will be necessary for you to add to this week.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Create a 3D plane to situate a 3D scene. This will serve as the base for the rest of the objects in your world. Depending on your 2D image this plane may be used to represent a desk, the ground, a table, or something else entirely. It will be important to work on this first so you will understand the scope of the world your camera will be traversing. A plane is also a relatively simple shape so it will be a good place to start when managing the placement of different objects in your scene. Remember, you will need to take into account where the plane is located in relation to the 3D object you developed during a previous milestone (which used multiple 3D shapes).
Apply horizontal, vertical, and depth camera navigation around a 3D scene. It is recommended that you use the following keyboard controls to manipulate the basic camera movement:WASD keys: These keys should be used to control the forward, backward, left, and right motion.
QE keys: These keys should be used to control the upward and downward movement.

Apply nuanced camera controls to a 3D scene. It is recommended that you use the following mouse controls to allow a user more specific input options for how they view the 3D scene:Mouse cursor: This should be used to change the orientation of the camera so it can look up and down or right and left.
Mouse scroll: This should be used to adjust the speed of the movement, or the speed the camera travels around the scene.

Create perspective and orthographic displays of a 3D scene. Use the tap of a keyboard key to allow a user to change the view of the scene between orthographic (2D) and perspective (3D) views at will. (Hint: check the glViewport and the glOrtho functions.) For consistency, please use the letter “P” keyboard key. To accomplish this work, you will be switching the function call to retrieve either the perspective or orthographic projection matrix. Note that you will be keeping the camera in the same orientation that you already developed.
Create code that follows a logical flow without syntax errors. The code you create has to be executable and all the code that is included needs to be reached by the execution. Note that not everything should be written in a single function and your work should be well-modularized.
Apply coding best practices in your creations. Pay particular attention to the way you format and comment your code. Program code should be easy to read and follow industry standard code formatting practices, such as indentation and spacing. Commenting best practices should be in place to ensure the source code is briefly and clearly explained using descriptive comments.
Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit a completed ZIP folder with all of your code, which may include one or multiple CPP files along with Visual Studio project files. Also make sure the ZIP folder includes an EXE file, because without this your code will not be able to run. Checking for the EXE can be used as a quick reference on the functionality of your code before you submit.
Requirements: As long as needed | .doc file

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Draft the source selection criteria that might be used for evaluating proposals to provide smartphones with wireless plans for all

Draft the source selection criteria that might be used for evaluating proposals to provide smartphones with wireless plans for all students, faculty, and staff at your college or university or to all business professionals in your organization. Use Figure 12-4 as a guide. Include at least five criteria, and make the total weights add up to 100. Write a paper explaining and justifying the criteria and their weights. Search the Internet for articles related to dealing with project sponsors. Summarize two good articles in a memo that you could send to a new project manager, offering advice on how to effectively engage sponsors.[supanova_question]

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