Political question

Answer two out of the four questions. Your exam should be 10 pages and include extensive textual evidence. Quotes should be appropriately cited and unpacked.
1. Explain the difference between liberalism and republicanism and the difference between left (democratic) and right (conservative) versions of republicanism using Harrington, Montesquieu, Locke, and Arendt.
2. Explain the influence of Puritan and Congregationalist Christian thought on the early American republic, using Ward, Winthrop, Cotton, Williams and Wise. That means dealing with such issues as theocracy and God’s ordained republic, the priesthood of believers as both a community that produces knowledge of divine law (physis) and opinion (nomos), the unanimity and necessity of truth versus toleration for conscience and opinion, the equality and inequality of believers and sinners, and the secularizing impact of the Christian impulse to know/reason, choose/ extend

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