Programming Design Method

To take care of the transfer of a car, what the vehicle owner needs to know is that the process of changing the name of a used or new car is carried out in two stages, namely the management at the Samsat office where the car is registered and where the vehicle owner is located. Both are carried out so that the issuance of STNK and the issuance of BPKB are by new motor vehicle owners. Vehicle owners are advised to seek information regarding the regulations for the transfer of a car’s name at the vehicle owner’s place. Generally, each region has different requirements or ways to change the name of a vehicle, including the cost of changing the name of a used car. Several documents must be entered into the system as required documents.
In general, the documents that must be entered or input are:
1. Resident Identity Card (KTP) of the new vehicle owner and a photocopy.
2. The original and photocopy of the Motor Vehicle Owner’s Book (BPKB).
3. Original and photocopy of Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK).
4. Receipt for the purchase of a used car