proposal for the solution to a significant (Enrollment Problems is what I wanna use )

The basic goal of this project is for you to point out and describe a “problem” that exists on this campus, and to propose a solution to that problem. This could be a problem because something exists that we need to do away with or fix, or that there is a lack of something and we need to add it. You must persuade the receivers (the administrators in Whipple) that the problem is significant (affects more than just you). Then, you must provide a solution to the problem. It must be a “real world” type of solution. This assignment is the culmination of the semester and worth 20% of your final grade. Consult notes, readings, and Blackboard material from the beginning of the semester. This is NOT simply a big paper. You are “designing” a document.
A Properly designed and formatted, typed, proposal for the solution to a significant (affects an average person, not just you) problem that exists at SUNY Morrisville. This should be created, in color, using the document design principles discussed in class.
There should be ample visual aids to ensure reader understanding.
There should be a Title Page, Table of Contents, Visual Aid Table of Contents, and any appropriate abstracts/summaries, appendices and indexes, etc.
Be sure to include all relevant, decision making information, including (but not limited to) materials and material costs, labor costs, time tables etc.
This project will account for 200 points.
There will be a 5 minute, oral presentation for this proposal. Your “audience” are the executives/decision makers of the Whipple Building. Visual aids should be part of this presentation. There will be a short questioning period following it

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