PSYCH 645 Personality Theories

Wk 2 – Myers-Briggs Personality Test You have applied for an internship at a local psychology magazine publisher. All new employees are required to take the Myers-Briggs personality test prior to starting work.Locate a Myers-Briggs personality test. There are free versions available online. Then take a Myers-Briggs personality test.
Review your Type Indicator results.
Discuss your results in a 700- to 1050-word APA formatted paper. You should reflect upon the following questions:
What are personality tests used for?
What is the Myers-Briggs personality test? How does it measure personality?
According to your results, what is your MBTI personality type? Do you agree with your results? Why or why not?
Can you predict the MBTI personality type of a friend or relative? How would knowing their personality type affect your relationship or the way you would interact with them?
How will the information obtained from this test be beneficial within the workplace? How could the Myers-Briggs test help add value to workplace communications and interactions?
Use at least 3 academic sources, (No papers will be accepted in this course without references and citations). You must cite the website where you took this test.
Submit your assignment.
NOTE: This is a subjective paper, it is appropriate to use first person narrative.
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