Racial Profiling In The United States

Racial profiling is a prejudiced act done by law enforcement when an individual is targeted as a suspicious being due to characteristics such as race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, etc. Those characteristics then become the principal factors when a police officer is making decisions. Racial profiling has become a common concern and longstanding problem in many ethnic groups and communities of the U.S. Racial profiling happens because law enforcement officers often develop a style of policing, based off of their own experiences, that can degrade and scare members of minority groups. Police officers are taught to make judgements about situations and people, and one bad experience with a certain individual can result in behaviors that are discriminatory to others of the same background and cause officers to abuse one’s discretionary power.

This leads to patterns of stereotypes that are driven by institutional racism, which is exceedingly dangerous. Racial profiling is a harmful approach to policing and it is something that police officers do not need to do. Racial profiling violates an individual’s rights and liberties when they are stopped solely because of their race. It can also make an entire community feel unsafe and that can diminish the trust between an officer and a citizen. It is also ineffective because studies show that non-white individuals have more arrests, yet poor, disadvantaged individuals are more likely to receive coercive actions. A community policy with a focus on the tactical dimension would provide a guided practice that directs how officers carry out certain job tasks and that can help prevent the practice of racial profiling. “The tactical dimension of community policing ultimately translates ideas, philosophies, and strategies into concrete programs, practices, and behaviors” (Cordner pg. 439).

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Issue Of Racial Profiling In Communities

Racial profiling has affected many innocent lives and caused them to deserve harsh punishments for crimes they did not commit. Many individuals are being targeted on or assaulted because of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is becoming worse as the years pass, it’s changing into a controversial topic. That is the reason why African American, Hispanics, and Muslims are being focused on. Racial profiling negatively impacts our society. People have expressed worry because racial profiling isn’t right about our core beliefs and principles of decency, equity, and justice. Racial profiling damages and disregards the establishment of the American soul and the standard of law. It is a staggering power that will in general put the people that are being discriminated against into an overwhelming mental and physical pain. Thus it is ethically wrong and ought to be censured and unequivocally dismissed by all means.

It is so important pinpoint that racial profiling isn’t just drilled by law implementers yet in addition people in general. In the article Racial Profiling and its Impact on our Communities by New York Civil Liberties Union, it states “Over the past five years, nearly 2 million innocent New Yorkers have been subjected to police stops and street interrogations, and New York’s black and Latino communities continue to be the overwhelming target.” This is stating that after some time, innocent African American, Hispanics, and Muslims are being targeted and taken away. This has influenced the unfortunate victim families, friends, their community, and everybody’s view on the justice system. One reason why racial profiling has a tremendous issue in the system is a direct result of the stop-and-frisk. Stop-and-frisk is a demonstration of police men where they are permitted to stop an individual and look for weapons or anything that jeopardizes or endangers the community. Racial profiling does not just influence most of us, it influences the future and the route individuals in power will act. It can cause a divide in the community and create a lot more issues because of everybody’s perspective on racial profiling. The community will not feel safe with having a police department that will not pursue justice due to someone’s skin color.

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Racial profiling will keep being an ongoing issue with the justice system and the American Law Enforcement on the possibility that it doesn’t come to a stop. This will influence the younger generation in various ways. As indicated by the article, Racial Profiling Inquiry: Major Themes by Ontario Human Rights Commission, it states ““One of the most significant and potentially long-lasting impacts of racial profiling is its effect on children and youth and their sense of self-esteem and confidence…. Commonly identified impacts are loss of education, negative psychological impact, increased criminalization of children, often for conduct that does not threaten the safety of others, and promotion of anti-social behaviours.” This is clarifying that racial profiling will influence the younger generation in various of ways. Students will lose enthusiasm and interest in their educating it and will influence the criminalization in their community. When the justice system (cops) racially profile somebody, everybody in the community will see and will feel unsafe. The more younger kids will fall under the impression that their skin tone is a problem and they will become insecure of the skin their in, they will connect that to the belief that they will just be another suspect in the police’s eyes. The more younger generation will see the brutality and it will cause them to lose their trust with the justice system. The kids will grow up thinking they will experience a trauma like others with police brutality and cause them to misbehave and become defensive of their lives. The only one to blame for injustices because of racial profiling other than the policemen who are actually arresting innocent due to the police officers thinking a victim is dangerous to others because of their skin color or ethnicity. The Police System and American Law Enforcement created this issue by not calling the policemen’s attention towards the problem and punishing them. Police officers should receive a punishment for putting identifying and taking actions towards innocent victims as a criminal due to their race or skin color. If no action is taken, it will just be a continuous cycle.

Racial profiling have affected numerous communities and has made them change. In the article, Racial Injustice in NYC Revealed in Data by Lutz Finger, it expresses “Our study showed that neighborhoods with the greatest racial disparity between the race of people stopped and the racial makeup of the residents are predominantly white neighborhoods, with the exception of Chinatown.” This is stating that racial injustices has affected many communities all over New York City. This is making individuals from the community lose their trust in justice system and cause them to become defensive. Many people will have different perspectives on racial profiling and that causes them to have a division in the community. The community will divide and not support one other and cause more criminalization to happen. Battles and disagreements in the community can cause more crimes to be committed and the police officers goal is to have motivation or reason to arrest them. The community needs to cooperate in order to help each other in order to get justice served in the community and having everybody feel protected and ensured in regards to their race, skin tone, and nationality.

In conclusion, the Police Department and the American Law Enforcement need to fix the issue of racial profiling in communities. There are innocent young lives being taken away by the police office just because of the victims skin tone. The communities students are losing enthusiasm and interest for their education due to being pulled into bad habits and crime, The police department is altering and affecting their relationship and trust with the community and furthermore upon the community members. Racial profiling needs to come to an end before the younger generation assumes that it is a part of their culture and awaits that one day, they would be a victim of racial profiling themselves. Stop-and-frisk is a major reason for racial profiling since it is enabling the police officers to assume that somebody is a danger to society and checking them for really no reason. Community members are having enough of this activity and they are beginning to challenge and protest authority in order to receive justice and will not stop until innocent young lives are taken away because of the skin and nationality they are born with.

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