reflection writing report regarding the clinical video for physical examination that we record

So just to tell you what we face and please write the report with this things according to the points that I mentioned to you challenges and issue that we face while we record the video and create it and the emotion/feeling/self confidence and the ability on analyzing the clinical findings and overall insight and how the video help us in incoming clinical years. And write it as i am the one I write it so for example say we face difficulties in time because it was long and the request time for recording is short so we skip some part extra..What we face is the time required for recording is short and we tray ti minimize the recording session as possible as we can but here you have to show how challenging it was the time Different opinion and idea while we record and how we handle it We read and watch to learn how we do the clinical examinations So finally i hope you understand and clear so please let me know if you understand it correctly