reflective essay

The intent is to expand your knowledge and thoughtfulness through this reflective essay assignment while gaining an understanding of the valuable resources this site can provide.    Submit a reflective essay that considers one of the following topics:        The types of therapies and vaccines in development to treat and prevent global COVID-19 infections and transmission,        The potential advantages and disadvantages of plasma therapy,        The steps that can be initiated when a patient’s immune system may be destructive,        Why it takes significant time to develop a vaccine.      Then, consider how this information impacts you, your family, community, state, country, or our world.    The Coronavirus Resource Center from Johns Hopkins University of Medicine e-learning Module 3 on Medical Therapies and Vaccines in Development will be used to gather information needed for this work.You may use any of this week’s resources to support your reflection with evidence to support their thinking.  Remember to include at least two reference citations and proofread your work. The essay should be 3-5 paragraphs to summarize key details and explain the cultural or societal connection of interest.