Science Question

Discussion Questions: Unit 3 – Chapter 4.
For item 1, write at least 500 words. For item 2, your comment/reply to a classmate will be separate, write at least 50 words total to one or more classmates (remember to be thoughtful, positive, and constructive). Note: Cite your sources.
1. Provide a detailed analysis of Chapter 4 and lecture materials included in Week 3. Discuss the key messages from the “Identifying Risk or Hazards” video. Also available at: . Which one is your favorite Risk or Hazard Identification tool?
2. Peer review. Comment on at least one classmate’s post. With professional courtesy, provide additional analysis, constructive criticism, and additional facts and solutions. I want to see a paragraph of 50 words or more.
Hazard or Risk ID Video
Visit: ASSP Risk Assessment Committee website videos. Web link:
Find and watch “Identifying Hazards or Risks” video. Also available at:
” A good risk assessment starts with the identification of hazards. A number of company-specific incident data analyses point to a weakness in hazard identification as the number one cause of injury in the occupational setting. Learn how to identify and create a list of hazards for your risk assessment and select the appropriate resources for your list of hazards.”

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