short-animated film

Your choice! Choose a short-animated film that you feel uses music and sound in a particularly creative way. Describe how the music conveys feeling, emotion and mood to the audience. Please support your findings with any clips and stills wherever possible.
(You can not choose Diagonal Symphony (1924); Oskar Fischinger, Circles; Composition in Bluet; Oskar Fischinger, Allegretto; Swing Wedding; The Rabbit of Seville ; What’s Opera, Doc?; Yellow Submarine ; The Wall ; Sunbeam; Allegro Non Troppo ; 78 Tours; Red Ball Express ; Furies; Wizard of Speed and Time ; Pencil Dance ; Your Face; Beavis and Butt-head ; Missing You (Böjrk Video); Fell in Love with a Girl (White Stripes Video) ; Bathtime in Clerkenwell )

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