Social Media Thesis Statement: The Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health

Most individuals know someone with a mental health problem or addictive behavior, but have they ever thought about where it could have risen from? The rise of anxiety and depression have been believed to drive a child’s life. Feeling driven by a motor and needing to check your phone constantly can result in negative effects. Mental health issues and addictive behaviors stem from a conglomerate of sources, but more directly, have been exasperated by social media in modern society.

Social Media, Anxiety, and the ‘Like’ Syndrome

Mental health disorders can be one of the several negative effects given to a child by their phone. It has been shown that anxiety is a huge factor coming from social media, “Other studies have shown that people with social anxiety prefer communicating with people via the internet rather than in person, so it would be an ideal way to initiate relationships” (Maldonado). Even some social networking environments, such as Facebook, can cause anxiety. “Recent research has shown that using social networking sites, namely Facebook, can increase people’s stress levels, produce anxiety, and negatively affect a person’s sense of self” (Maldonado). Even if people were to not look at the platforms and just focus on the ‘likes,’ problems would be found throughout. “The need to gain “likes” on social media can cause teens to make choices they would otherwise not make, including altering appearance, engaging in negative behaviors, and accepting risky social media challenges” (Hurley). As Hurley also claimed, “It’s difficult to build empathy and compassion (our best weapons in the war on bullying) when teens spend more time “engaging” online than they do in person.”

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Social Media and the Onset of Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of depression are also prevalent in social media. As Hurley once said, “Though many teens know that their peers share only their highlight reels on social media, it’s very difficult to avoid making comparisons. Everything from physical appearance to life circumstances to perceived successes and failures is under a microscope on social media.” Most teenagers have gullible minds, so when they see someone more physically fit or even happier than they are, they automatically get down on themselves. Seeing somebody live a better life hurts most people, but some make the most of it by turning that into an encouraging way to get that body or make more money. Even though to some observers, it seems to be obvious that depression can also be linked to social media. According to Gordon, “Researchers are just beginning to establish a link between depression and social media.” Most say that you could have been raised with depression, which could be true, but that depression would not have flared up as much as it did once they started using these social media platforms. Even stated by a credited author, “From a mental health perspective, concerns have been raised about the negative impact of excessive use of social networking sites on the health and well-being of users, especially that of young people, who are enthusiastic users of this technology” (Griffiths). This quote proves the meaning behind the gullible minds of young ones; it can easily affect them – even causing an addiction.

The Correlation Between Social Media Usage and Addiction

As well as producing anxiety and depression, social media also has a strong link to addiction. “In a study by researchers at the UCLA brain mapping center, they found that certain regions of teen brains became activated by ‘likes’ on social media, sometimes causing them to want to use social media more” (Gordon). This statement shows just how easy it is to become addicted to posting about yourself on social media. Sometimes, this leads to teens posting pictures or captions they should not be. Obsessing over likes can lead to other impulses, such as losing sleep. “Sometimes teens spend so many hours on social media that they begin to lose valuable sleep. Consequently, thus sleep loss can lead to moodiness, a drop-in grades, and overeating, as well exacerbated existing problems like depression, anxiety, and ADD” (Gordon). This obsessive behavior also leads to problems with your brain and body since you are losing sleep time, which also means losing energy. Losing energy can cause a variety of problems, some of which include anxiety and depression. Addictive behaviors do not only just stop at losing sleep but stem all the way to using your phone while driving. “Many people’s social media use is habitual, and it can start to spill over into other areas of their lives and be problematic and dangerous, such as checking social media while driving” (Griffiths). This part of the addictive behaviors could easily be named the most atrocious. This type of behavior could easily kill or seriously harm an individual. Losing a loved one over a Facebook status shows a lot about the state that the human brain is in.

The Social Media Thesis Statement: Balancing the Scale of Positive and Negative Effects

Besides all the negative effects of social media, it also has a few positive effects on the human brain. “Although they can cause problems, these sites also have been shown to have positive effects on people. It can help psychologists monitor the mental health of patients, spread awareness about issues (including mental health disorders), connect people with one another, and make the world a little smaller” (Maldonado). Rewarding your brain with positive upbringings can really determine night or day. If someone reaches a certain level on a game or gets the reaction, they wanted on a certain post, that could easily encourage you to keep positive vibes and continue doing what they love. As Maldonado stated, “The best way for anyone to take advantage of the benefits of these sites while minimizing the downsides is to moderate his or her use and maintain a level of detachment.” Taking time away from social media would help minimize the chances of becoming depressed over a post, which could really help a teenager’s mental health.

By this time, people have probably concluded that several humans on this earth are way too attached to their phones. If people were to see someone prioritize their phone over their communication with the outside world, help them experience life as it is. If social media becomes an addiction, it could eventually lead to anxiety and depression. Even though social media has negative effects, it can also have effects that can help the human brain grow and experience positive thoughts. With that being said, most people would say social media has more negative effects than positive. The addictive behaviors and mental health issues that arise from the internet can cause several problems and become a burden in this society.


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Who Is Responsible For Mercutio’s Death? Tragic Ending Of Romeo And Juliet

Romeo: A Key Contributor to the Tragedy

There is someone to blame for almost every bad situation in the world. Many people have different opinions when reading the play on who is to blame for the famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare. No one stands out as the apparent cause of his death. Many believe that Brother Lawrence, the Nurse, or even Romeo or Juliet are primarily responsible for the tragedy. For many reasons, People tend to blame some characters on others. Almost every character in the play contributed to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet in one way or another. So who is most to blame? Three characters are most responsible for the tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo himself is the first character to be blamed for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The first reason to blame Romeo is that he was not invited to the Capulet party. If Romeo didn’t go to the party, Romeo would never have met Juliet, and Tybalt would never know he was there. Another reason for Romeo. The conviction and the death of Juliet is that Romeo decides to avenge Mercutio’s death by killing Tybalt. Romeo should have been able to control his anger at Tybalt and not kill him. Romeo and Juliet could have run away together; However, Romeo kills Tybalt, causing Romeo to Deported from Verona. Finally, we can blame Romeo for committing suicide at the end of the play. Romeo could not recover from the fact that his love was dead. Romeo should have been able to control his anger and not kill himself. Romeo should have been able to at least think about his decision in the hope that it was not the best decision. In the end, if Romeo had taken longer to make his decisions, the tragedy might not have happened.

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Brother Lawrence: The Inadvertent Catalyst

The character most to blame for the tragedy is Brother Lawrence. The first reason Brother Lawrence is to blame for the tragedy is that he married Romeo and Juliet. Knowing the possible consequences, the brother decides to marry Romeo and Juliet equally. Brother knows that for lovers of a quick marriage, there are many. There could be consequences, and he could be in a lot of trouble if both families find out that he has married both lovers. Because Romeo and Juliet are now married, their love for each other is even stronger, leading them to die at the end of the play. Found more reasons to commit suicide. Another reason Brother Lawrence is to blame is that he tells Juliet to take a sleeping potion. Brother does not think about what can go wrong by giving it to him. Brother should have thought more about his plan so that the plan would not fail. The final reason Brother Lawrence is guilty is that he could not bring a servant to tell Romeo that Juliet was not really dead. He employs many. He could have sent it at different times or went on his own to make sure Romeo got his message. In the end, Brother Lawrence should have made better decisions during the play to prevent tragedy from happening.

Tybalt: The One Who Killed Mercutio

Tybalt is the last character to be blamed for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The first reason Tybalt is blamed is because he was involved in the fight at the beginning of the play. He played a part in the families’ hatred of each other. The quarrel between the two families would not have been so difficult if each family member agreed to stop the fight. The next reason Tybalt is to blame is that he sees Romeo at the Capulet party and gets very mad. Tybalt threatened to kill him. Suppose Tybalt knew that Romeo Capulets had no. Romeo and Juliet could have survived if not harmed, and she was able to keep herself calm. The ultimate reason for blaming Tybalt for the tragedy is that he killed Mercutio. Tybalt didn’t need to kill Mercutio; it was completely unnecessary. Mercutio’s death drove Romeo to Verona, not allowing Romeo and Juliet to live together. In the end, Tybalt should have been able to control his anger and not be so cruel.

The Consequences: Who is Responsible for Mercutio’s Death?

In the end, people should care about who is to blame because someone should be punished for the death of Romeo and Juliet. At the end of the play, Prince Aesculus says: ‘Some will be forgiven, and others will be punished’. Two people should not die without punishing one Can. Many people go through a difficult time when someone dies. The person who causes difficult times for his family members should be punished for the actions he has done. Several wrong choices were made, which eventually led to the death of the star-crossed lovers. This tragedy could have been avoided if the characters of the play had given more thought to their decisions. No one will be blamed without it being a tragedy.

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