Social Science Question

500-word minimum (2 to 3 pages). Include a “Works Cited” page (which is not part of the word count).
The Prompt:
Terms have layers of social meaning, historical contexts, and political orientation. It’s not a matter of just being “politically correct” or “politically incorrect.” It’s about conveying a worldview and theoretical framework, whether you were aware of it or not. . .
What does the term “Oriental” sociohistorically signify? Integrate Chapter 1 from the textbook “‘Oriental’ is for Objects and ‘Asian’ is for People: Asian Americans as the Racialized Other” when discussing the layers of social meanings attached to the term, “Oriental.” How has it been employed and applied to Asian Americans? How have Pacific Islanders figured into this label and social reality? What role has “race” and the “racialization process” played in contributing to the proliferation of this label and all of the layers of social meanings attached to this term. Discuss and incorporate Angelo Ancheta’s notion of “foreigner racialization” and “perpetual foreigner” status of AAPIDAs. How have laws and case law informed these processes and labels for AAPIDAs?

I have attached below all the information al sources that must be used fro the assignment.Please use them as a reference and cite it when appropriate.

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