Stages of sleep, health benefits of sleep, and disorders of sleep

You will need to includea minimum of four (4) scholarly sources about this topic to support your ideas. One source may beyour textbook, and the other three should be full-length scholarly journal articles. Refer to the tutorialfor searching library databases and permalink creation.Instructions:For this assignment,• Locate three (3) scholarly journal articles in addition to your textbook. Refer to the librarydatabase tutorial provided in the unit. Most of your articles should be recent (no more than 5years old) and relevant to your paper topic.• List your sources in APA style. For more information on APA style, refer to the APA helpguides under the Course Information page.• Include a permalink to all scholarly articles used. Your instructor must be able to access yourarticles, so it is imperative that you include a permalink. Refer to the Library Resourcessection in the Course Information page for the tutorial on searching library databases andpermalink creation.• Explain how each source relates to your paper topic.• Choose one (1) of your three journal articles and summarize (in your own words) the mainfindings