Business Analytics – Essays
Essay 1:Business analytics requires a combination of mathematical/quantitative abilities and creative thinking. Describe a project you worked on, either as a student or professional, that demonstrates your analytical and creative problem-solving skills. Tell us why this project was interesting to you. (Maximum 750 words)
Essay 2: Why does a career in business analytics appeal to you? Based on your abilities and what you know about careers in business analytics, why do you think this is the right career path for you? (Maximum 750 words)
University of miami
Essay 1
Please answer the following question in addition to the personal statement that you will upload within the Documents tab.
If you were presented with three projects that you could work on, what factors would you consider in selecting your project of choice? (150-word limit)
Essay 2
What do you hope to achieve, both personally and professionally, by obtaining a Master’s in Finance? And how does your experience, background, and future goals align with all that Miami Herbert Business School has to offer? (600-word limit)