Ethical Guidelines for Forensic Psychology Professionals.

Part of the complication relates to learning about varied aspects of the legal system and then determining how psychological guidelines and principles fit within this system. This week’s readings provide a number of excellent guidelines for use when conducting forensic psychological assessments. The guidelines were developed by forensic professionals with many years of experience and are meant to provide a standard for working in various sectors of the legal system.
In this Discussion, you will apply your knowledge and understanding of the American Psychology-Law Society Forensic Specialty Guidelines (AP-LS) pertaining to ethical issues within forensic psychology. You will consider the question: How do forensic psychology evaluations differ from clinical psychology evaluations? In addition, you will consider which of the guidelines you may find most professionally and personally challenging, and how you might responsibly and realistically overcome those challenges (for example, if you lived in a small town, you might experience challenges in avoiding dual relationships). You will also review your own state’s or region’s guidelines from your psychology boards to understand if there are differences between the expectations of forensic psychology professionals and clinical psychology professionals conducting assessments.
To prepare
Review the Learning Resources.
Review state laws and case laws pertaining to ethical guidelines for forensic assessment utilizing the Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology listed in your Learning Resources.
Review your own state laws (or local laws if you are an international student) pertaining to forensic assessments and the differences between forensic and clinical professionals’ use of assessments.

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) 8 minute video script to present

For this Assessment, you will prepare a video webinar where you locate and describe appropriate CAM treatments for different groups of people.Your video webinar should be 8–10 minutes long, and you should use the Video Recorder function within Brightspace. In your recording, address the following:
Introduction: (~1 minute)
Explain what the term complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) means and why nurses should be aware of these options.
Explain one challenge associated with the nurse’s role in providing CAM options.
End of Life: (2–3 minutes)
Explain the difference between hospice and palliative care.
Describe the role of the nurse leader in caring for patients at the end of life.
Locate at least one resource that describes a CAM option that would be helpful for a patient at the end of life and explain why this option is appropriate.
Mental Health: (2–3 minutes)
Explain the impact that the mental health care nurse may have on veterans with mental health issues with regards to patient outcomes.
Locate at least one resource that describes a CAM option that would be helpful for a veteran with mental health issues and explain why this option is appropriate.
Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases: (2–3 minutes)
Describe one emerging or re-emerging disease that the United States has seen in the past five years.
Describe the role of the nurse leader in preventing, addressing, and treating emerging and re-emerging diseases.
Locate at least one resource that describes a CAM option that would be helpful for a patient that has become infected with the disease you selected and explain why that option is appropriate.
Conclusion (~1 minute)
Briefly wrap up your webinar with a summary and encouragement for your colleagues

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You use description and narrative techniques on a daily basis for school, your personal

You use description and narrative techniques on a daily basis for school, your personal life, and your career. In an introduction to business class, you might write a business plan in which you describe your product or service. Over the phone with a customer service representative, you might need to describe the problem you are having so that it can be solved. At work, you may need to submit a monthly or weekly report in which you describe your accomplishments and challenges. As you can see, description and narration are vital elements of everyday communication.
In the Descriptive Analysis Essay you will practice describing events with a clear purpose. The topic for this essay is inspired by the sample essay “Case Narrative” in Chapter 5. Be sure to read Chapter 5, Describing and Narrating: Memories, and consult the Week 1 Lesson, especially the Assignment Connection, to help you complete this essay successfully.
For this essay, describe a project or complication that you have experienced in the workplace and what was learned from it.
What was the event or complication?
Who was involved and what emotions did they experience?
What specific problems or conflicts were faced?
What was the outcome?
What did you learn from the experience? (thesis)
The overall structure of your descriptive essay should look something like this.
Introduction and thesis
Background details (time and place)
Description and Significance (What happened and why does it matter?)
Resolution (What actions were taken?)
For this assignment, you will not use any external resources. However, you will need to format the essay in APA style. The seventh edition of the APA Style Manual has some important changes, so please use the APA essay template provided in the Files section.
Additional requirements include the following.
Two to three double-spaced pages (500-750 words), not including the title page
Typed and submitted in Microsoft Word format
12-point font, 1-in. margins, Times or Times New Roman style
An APA title page
The grading rubric is shown below.
Descriptive Analysis Essay Assignment Rubric
Introduction and Thesis
Introduction clearly states the context and event and provides a thoughtful rationale for that choice. It includes a well-crafted thesis.
The essay is organized following the assignment instructions and includes an introduction, background, descriptive narration, resolution, analysis, and conclusion. The essay is logically divided into paragraphs based on these sections.
The essay demonstrates attention to detail through rich description, analytical skills through explaining what the details mean, and connecting the context of the event to the thesis and main idea.
Style and Mechanics
The voice of the writer is clear, distinct, and appropriate. The writer’s message is clearly communicated with appropriate spelling and use of grammar and punctuation. Errors do not significantly interfere with meaning.

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In the first set of required reading for our course Covey shares about the power

In the first set of required reading for our course Covey shares about the power of a paradigm shift. Provide an example of a paradigm shift you have experienced. Explain the situation and what you did to handle the changes required in the shift or whether you were able change into the new paradigm? Maybe you are still within the shifting paradigm and learning new ways to adapt. Please share your thoughts.
Covey, Stephen (2004). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Simon and Shuster.

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nursing care plan and drug cards

please I need help in my obstetric nursing class on two assignments include working on drug cards and nursing care plan1).Drug cards on Dinoprostone (cervidil), IVPB Penicillin (treatment of Group B strep) Fentanyl, Nubain and Stadol 2). my care plan is Related to pain 8 out 10 with patient in stage 1, Transition Phase of Labor. attach file is the template for drug card and nursing care plan. care plan template is in excel please look on it and copy in world

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It can be either a research paper or a startup concept. Once the topic

It can be either a research paper or a startup concept. Once the
topic is finalized, the draft research questions (based on which objectives of the study will be formed) must be developed (not more than three). Each selection must be discussed in detail with logic and rationale. Reasons for the topic should be discussed first followed by discussion on selection of each of the research questions.
Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate. Submit your findings in a 3-5 page document, excluding the title page, abstract and required reference page, which are never a part of the minimum content requirements, in the Assignment Dropbox.
It is strongly encouraged that you submit all assignments to the TurnItIn Originality Check (available under Information folder on your Blackboard) prior to submitting them to your instructor for grading. If you are unsure how to submit an assignment to the Originality Check tool, review the TurnItIn Originality Check – Student Guide for step-by-step instructions.

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apply either Kohlberg’s or Gilligan’s theory to a real person or fictional character of your choosing

For this assignment, you will apply either Kohlberg’s or Gilligan’s theory to a real person or fictional character of your choosing. See the example further below. Your goal is to try to determine the person’s/character’s overall motivation for their actions. Then tell us what step(s)/stage(s) you believe that person/character is in and why. Do not use cases from the textbook for this assignment. Write two paragraphs, as follows:
Paragraph 1 – Summary (150 words minimum)
If using a real person, provide the article title, link, and date of publication (within the last six months) from a reliable source. Summarize the article and the person you will be analyzing. If using a fictional character, provide a brief summary of the character.
Paragraph 2 – Application (150 words minimum)
Discuss the Kohlberg stage(s) or Gilligan step(s) your person is/was in and why. The WHY/BECAUSE should be detailed and is the most important part!

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ACT506 Advanced Accounting II Week 3

A clerk in the accounting department recently entered trial balance data for
the parent company and its subsidiaries in the company’s consolidation
program. After a few minutes of additional work needed to eliminate the
intercompany investment account balances, the clerk expressed his/her
satisfaction with having completed the consolidation worksheet. In
reviewing the printout of the consolidation worksheet, other employees raised
several questions, and you have been asked to respond to them. Indicate
whether each of the following questions can be answered by looking at the data
in the consolidation worksheet or not, and also indicate why or why not.
Is it possible to tell if the parent is using the equity method in recording
its ownership of each subsidiary?
Is it possible to tell if the correct amount of consolidated net income has
been reported?
One of the employees thought the parent company had paid well above the fair
value of net assets for a subsidiary. Is it possible to tell by reviewing
the consolidation worksheet?
Is it possible to determine from the worksheet the percentage ownership of a
subsidiary held by the parent?

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What Would You Do? A Question of Ethics

It was 2:00 a.m. They had been working since 6:00 p.m. and still had several hours’ work remaining.
“Oh, the misery,” groaned Tyler, pretending to slit his own throat with his finger as an Exacto knife. “If I never see another photo of a veggie burger, it will be too soon. Why didn’t we choose a more interesting product?”
“I think it had something to do with someone wanting to promote a healthy alternative to greasy hamburgers,” Jeannie replied sarcastically.
“Right,” said Tyler, “I don’t know what I could have been thinking. Speaking of greasy hamburgers, is anyone else starving? Anybody want to order pizza or something?”
“No one will deliver up here this late,” Margeaux replied, “but I have a quiche that I could heat up.”
“Fancy,” Tyler quipped.
“You wish,” Margeaux said. “It came out of a box.”
“Sure, that sounds great, thanks,” Jeannie said. “I’m hungry too.”
“It doesn’t have any meat in it, does it?” asked Madhukar. “I don’t eat meat.”
“Nope, it’s a cheese and spinach quiche,” Margeaux said.
Tyler and Margeaux went off to the kitchen to prepare the food. Tyler took the quiche, still in its box, from the fridge. “Uh-oh,” he said. “My roommate is a vegetarian, and he won’t buy this brand because it has lard in the crust. Better warn Madhukar. He’s a Hindu, so I imagine it’s pretty important to him not to eat certain animal products.”
“Shhh!” said Margeaux, “I don’t have anything else to offer him, and he’ll never know the difference anyway. Just pretend you didn’t notice that.”
“Okay,” Tyler said. “It’s your kitchen.”

Discussion Questions

1. What exactly are Margeaux’s ethical obligations to Madhukar in this situation? Why? Is it more important to feed a hungry student or potentially exacerbate it by withholding the only food available?
2. Does the fact that Tyler is not the host relieve him of all ethical responsibility in this case?
3. Does gender play any role in this cultural encounter?
4. How does this situation bring up uncertainty avoidance?
5. Does power distance perhaps play a role here?
6. Who, if anyone, might you criticize for acting ethnocentrically?

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e. Amazon, Google, or Coca Cola). Decipher if these measures are aligned with the company

e. Amazon, Google, or Coca Cola). Decipher if these measures are aligned with the company strategy and what traditional and supply chain measures could be supported to enhance value-added activities within your organization. Lastly, discuss any organizational benchmarking that your company promotes and how employees participate with you to achieve both short and long-term organizational initiatives.The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:· Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.· Use font size 12 and 1” margins.· Include cover page and reference page.· At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.· No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.· Use at least three references from outside the course material, one reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the three reference requirement.· Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and list on a reference page in APA style.References must come from sources such as, scholarly journals found in EBSCOhost, CNN, online newspapers such as, The Wall Street Journal, government websites, etc. Sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. are not acceptable for academic writing.

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Write an essay with a minimum of 3 pages to address the scenario and questions

Write an essay with a minimum of 3 pages to address the scenario and questions below. Use APA format with references. Support your response with appropriate peer-reviewed research and educational theories.
You have heard from community members that bullying is a problem in your school.
Consider the following questions:
How will you involve staff in confirming the problem, conducting a needs assessment, setting priorities, and developing problem-solving strategies?
How will you use needs assessment data and group process skills to build consensus among all stakeholders in addressing the problem?
How will you communicate and collaborate with families and the community in addressing the problem?
What legal and ethical principles might apply to this situation?

Compare and contrast Healthcare problems in AMERICA and India

Identify and record the health data for each country for the health problem selected.

Identify the following for each country:Population and demographics
Annual per capita spending on healthcare

Describe the prevalence of the health problem in each country.
Describe the healthcare system of workers/professionals who are available to serve the population for the health problem in each country.
Explain the following list of factors that may contribute to the existence of the health problem in each country:The elements of the epidemiological triangle, if applicable.
Environmental impacts (including the healthcare delivery system) that may apply to the health problem.

Explain the multifactorial relationships for the health problem in each country:Nutritional considerations, if applicable.
Economic considerations.
The costs of medication and/or treatment in the healthcare system.

Explain at least two current efforts for containment/mitigation of the health problem by the healthcare system in each countrY

Synthesize the information you gathered for each country in the Compare and Contrast Template into a 2- to 3-page response. Your response should address the following:
how the health problem you selected is currently addressed by the healthcare system in each of the countries. Be specific and provide examples.
Explain at least one approach each country’s healthcare system uses to address the selected health problem.
Explain the role of the nurse leader in improving global health.

The paper should inform your audience about a specific, recent, and researchable change, either

The paper should inform your audience about a specific, recent, and researchable change, either positive or negative, in your field of study. Your goal is to explain to your audience either what caused this change to occur or to analyze the effects this change has had on the field, without taking a position, arguing for a change, or offering solutions.As the final draft version of the paper you began in Unit 5, your Unit 8 Assignment should demonstrate your ability to do the following:Focus on a single, specific, relevant, recent, and researchable change, either positive or negative, in your general field of study. Please note that technology is too broad as a topic, but a specific technological change like the increased use of cloud computing is a change; obesity is not a change, but the increase in obesity rates among children is a change.Establish a clear thesis about this topic that focuses on either what caused the change or what effect this change has had on the field. You may not analyze both cause and effect.Develop your thesis with specific observations, details, analysis, and research informationAvoid taking a position, making recommendations, or addressing solutions-the paper must be an objective, analytical essay that instead only analyzes the causes or effects of this change.Organize your information logically, using clear transitionsUse appropriate formal third person language, avoiding first and second person languageIntegrate 3-4 relevant and reliable, peer reviewed sources and demonstrate the ability to summarize and paraphrase source information rather than relying on quotesApply current APA citations format to credit any and all uses of source information, both when you use the source information within the paragraphs (in text citations) and in an alphabetically listed References pageApply revision, editing, and proofreading strategies to substantially revise your final draft, demonstrating substantial revision of your Unit 6 Assignment and Unit 8 Discussion Board post.Apply current APA formatting expectations

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Leader Evaluation Presentation Instructions In this assignment, you will evaluate an individual’s leadership/management approach in a public health organization,

Leader Evaluation Presentation Instructions In this assignment, you will evaluate an individual’s leadership/management approach in a public health organization, project, or event within the past five years. This evaluation assignment should include references to the press, as well as incorporating academic references from theories of leadership and public health. Direct contact (interview) with the leader is encouraged. The evaluation may be either positive or critical.

Create a powerpoint presentation with speaker notes in the slides. The presentation is designed to only be 5 to 7 minutes long. Make sure you include all the bullet points below. Use APA Format. Please make the slides color and beautiful with pictures.

Instructions Include in your evaluation:
● What is the public health issue your leader addresses?
● What is one of the challenges presented to your leader?
● How did your leader address this challenge?
● What leadership traits are apparent in your leader?
● What leadership traits are lacking?
● Provide evidence within your leader’s work of:
○ Innovation,
○ established record of achievement,
○ respect for community values,
○ collaboration with others, and
○ significant influence on the field of public health.
● What was the outcome of a project or event and how was this outcome reflective of the leader?

* Please Have a Title and Reference Slide in APA format

I am going to share the background of the company with other student work

I am going to share the background of the company with other student work and I also going to discussed what you have to do.
ABOUT COMPANYMdex is a dental clinic based on a turnkey partnership system for dental health professionals, qualified as the most ambitious and innovative project in the dental industry on a North American scale. Its mission is to offer a top-of-the-range and personalized service to its patients and its partner dentists, and to act as a vector of innovation and development in the dental industry.
PROJECT SCOPEWe are a dental clinic located in downtown Montreal. Our object is to expand our business model into the first coworking space and a community hub for dentistry in Montreal. We offer the best accessibility, flexibility, and full facility to dentists, orthodontist and hygienist.
We are looking for a group of students in business/ marketing to join us in this exciting project. The coworking space is a playground for your creativity to build a business plan, including:
· Research

Question #1 (5 points): Your company has been sued. The lawyers are on the case and discovery is beginning. Essay

Question #1 (5 points):
Your company has been sued. The lawyers are on the case and discovery is beginning.

Review the section on the Discovery Process.

(1) Why will the two sides do discovery?

(2) The five most important forms of discovery are interrogatories, depositions, production of documents and materials, physical and mental examinations, and e-discovery.

Interrogatories: what are they? Why would an attorney want to use these over a deposition?
Depositions: what are they? What is the difference between depositions and interrogatories? Why would an attorney want to do a deposition? Why would an attorney not want to do one?
Production of documents: What are they? Why would an attorney want to issue a request for production? Why would an attorney not want to receive a request?

Watch and consult Jones, lectures WC 1 10 (starting from the Punic Wars) and

Watch and consult Jones, lectures WC 1 10 (starting from the Punic Wars) and WC 1 1!!!!!! Write an essay comparing and contrasting how Backman and Jones present the development of Roman civilization during the late Republic and early Empire. Provide specific examples of how Backman and Jones agree and how they disagree about general and/or specific aspects about ancient Rome. Do you think Backman and Jones’ characterizations about the Romans are generally similar or different? Is one or the other’s characterization of Roman society optimistic or pessimistic? Explain. Based on what you’ve read and listed to, share your own impressions about one or more aspects of late republican and/or early imperial Roman culture that you find interesting.

OPS/400 University of Phoenix Week 4: Inventory Control and Forecasting

You are tasked with maintaining a consistent production level, with fluctuations of supply and demand due to seasonal inventories.
Write a 350- to 525-word paper.
Research other manufacturers in your industry, and distinguish between two scales of economy that could benefit your organization.
Discuss the effect that supply and demand may have on the operational strategies for your organization.
Examine the effect of seasonality on inventory management and forecasting.
Discuss how inventory carrying costs can affect operational efficiency.
Determine the effect of lead time on ordering decisions and seasonality.
Examine how safety inventory is used as a buffer against supply/demand, and evaluate various levers for reducing inventory.
Discuss at least two levers used to manage and control inventory.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Cite a minimum of three sources; include your textbook as one of the three sources.

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Choose 5 questions and answer them before Friday 3rd: 1/What does the Hyppocratic Oath requires

Choose 5 questions and answer them before Friday 3rd:
1/What does the Hyppocratic Oath requires of the physician ?
2/What are 2 examples when confidentiality rights can be overruled ?
3/Who was Henrietta Lacks ?
3/What is medical paternalism ?
4/Is adequate disclosure the same thing as informed consent ?
(Truth Telling:)
5/how much doctors and nurses should tell their patients? In general, patients have a right to information needed to make good decisions.
6/Does this mean that doctors and nurses need to disclose every possible fact about a patient’s condition, or some procedure, or chances for recovery?
7/May they ever withhold or strategically delay giving such information to benefit the patient and bolster her spirits?
8/Is staged disclosure over time a desirable and justifiable strategy in many situations?
9/Can Jehovah’s Witnesses parents decide the fate of their child ?
10/Provider’s autonomy : What are the four considerations that are relevant to the question of whether a health care provider has a duty to help a patient who needs assistance in carrying out a decision, or whether that provider can ever justifiably refuse to help ?
11/Give 2 examples of medical material cooperation/ complicity.

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