Technical Writing Project

In your document, address the following:Select a specific device or task that would require a technical document to explain or demonstrateStart by writing a brief description of the audience you are addressing.You must include appropriate and helpful visual elements in your instructions.Use technical writing principles studied in the course to convey clear and practical details to your reader. Keep the “reader-centered approach” in mind.Design the document so the audience can use it most efficiently for its intended purpose. Use the principles of document design covered in this course.Prepare the document for professional publication by thoroughly proofreading it and ensuring it is clear for the audience to use.Include a summary paragraph that explains how specific elements of the piece of technical writing you produced will help users understand the devise or task better.If you are unsure of a topic, here are some possible topics you MAY choose from:Assembling a car seat, crib, toy, or other children’s product.Creating a website.Creating an account and ordering from an online retailer.Finding and joining an online community.Installing an engine component in a specific vehicle.Filing a claim for benefits or setting up an electronic payment account.Setting up a cell phone, computer game console, digital camera, or other digital hardware.