The Main Character In Naruto

Obito Uchiha. My favorite Uchiha. There’s so many incredible things about this character. Much more than can be covered in one blog. Even before he was fully introduced, he played such a strong role in series. He’s definitely a character who deserves appreciation.

Obito was different. He wasn’t naturally gifted as a Shinobi. He didn’t have a superior attitude, nor did he look down on others just because he was an Uchiha.

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No. Obito was a bit of a loser. That’s one of the things I loved about him. He was much more realistic. Most of us aren’t naturally gifted at things. We have to work and get better, the same way Obito did.

Obito was never arrogant because he’d one day awaken the Sharingan. He was a good kid. Remember the times he helped others which caused him to be late to Team meetings? Seriously how many Uchihas could you see doing that? That’s who Obito was, he went out of his way to help people.

He didn’t act cold or unemotional like most Uchiha. Obito was happy, loud, and excitable. It immediately made him interesting and caused him to stand out.

His backstory was just incredibly relatable. Obito wasn’t the cool guy in his class. He was clumsy and acted foolish, but he tried. Most saw Obito as a loser, and just overlooked him. But Obito never gave up, he wanted to prove that he could be great.

Naruto is one of my favorite characters for similar reasons. It’s easy to like someone who’s not great at everything. Obito and Naruto were both losers, but slowly became better through hard work.

Obito and Rin are just meant to be. Rin was one of the few people who supported Obito’s dreams. When he yelled about becoming Hokage, Rin was the one to believe he could do it. She always watched out for him, and wanted Obito to succeed.

On the other hand, Obito loved Rin. Even at a young age, Obito believed Rin was the most amazing thing on Earth. While Rin had a crush on Kakashi, and it caused Obito to be jealous. It didn’t cause him to stop loving Rin. We all have had crushes on someone who liked someone else. It just made Obito even more relatable.

Touching on Rin having a crush on Kakashi. While that may be true, she didn’t let her crush get in the way of her friendship with Obito. Take the spar between Obito and Kakashi in the Academy. When Kakashi won, all the fangirls were squealing for him. Not Rin, no she was worried about Obito. She wanted to make sure Obito was okay. That’s just one example. While Rin may not have felt romantically about Obito, she did love him, and didn’t want to see him hurt.

Obito and Rin were one of the great things in Obito’s backstory. They were the closest of friends, and cared deeply for one another. When Obito was crushed by the rock, Rin didn’t want to leave his body, and was basically dragged out by Kakashi. She was devastated.

Out of all the villains in Naruto. In my opinion, Nagato and Obito are the two most sympathetic.

Obito had been crushed by a rock, his body left behind. After he healed enough, Obito tries to head back to his friends, only to see Kakashi kill the person he loves. Seeing and going through something like that, who wouldn’t think the world is a cruel place and needs to change?not be mistaken, Obito was decieved and fooled by Madara into believing that the Infinite Tsukuyomi was the best way. Obito was hurting and Madara took advantage of that.

Some will argue that Obito wanting to trap the entire world in a dream state is a bit much. A lot of people lose the ones they love and don’t go crazy. I definitely agree that it wasn’t a good decision by Obito.

But love causes people to do crazy things. Losing the one you love can cause even crazier decisions. Obito saw this as the way to see Rin again. To stop the pain that consumed the Shinobi World.

Yeah it was selfish, but everyone has selfish moments. Obito had lost the love of his life, he was lost and just wanted to see Rin again. Many died for Obito to try and achieve his goal, and he caused a lot of pain for others.

But once again, losing the one you love causes you to not think clearly. Obito wasn’t a horrible person, he was just an extremely tragic character who made bad decisions.

One of the big things throughout Naruto and Shippuden, is the Tale of Rivals. From Sasuke and Naruto, Madara and Hashirama, and the one I’m going to discuss Obito and Kakashi.

Throughout Obito’s backstory we see Obito trying to one up Kakashi. No matter what Obito does, Kakashi comes out on top. Obito didn’t like Kakashi’s cold and arrogant attitude. Kakashi didn’t like Obito’s excitable and loud attitude. For a long time, the two didn’t get along.

Since his father’s death, Kakashi had been very strict on following Shinobi’s rules. Obito went directly against Kakashi’s belief and showed him another way. After Obito’s ‘death’, it changed Kakashi entirely. It caused him to believe the great quote:

Kakashi lived his life by this quote. That’s how much Kakashi came to respect Obito. He molded his life after the way Obito lived.

On the other side, by witnessing Rin’s death, Obito had come to hate Kakashi. Even though Obito knew it wasn’t Kakashi’s fault, he still blamed Kakashi for failing to protect Rin.

During the War arc, it was ironic. As children, Obito had saved Kakashi from falling into darkness through proving that friends were more important than a mission. Now, Kakashi is trying to save Obito from the darkness. Kakashi admits that he’s scum for failing to protect Obito and Rin. But he doesn’t want to see Obito become worse While Naruto may have been the one to ‘save’ Obito. It was Kakashi who put the thought in Obito’s head. He made Obito believe, that deep down, he could still be the Obito that Rin had cared for.Obito is one of the best characters within the series. From his backstory, to his death. Everything was incredibly interesting.Obito and Rin is one of my favorite pairings. I loved the connection the two had, and thought it was one of the sweetest things within the series. The two had one of the more innocent and pure relationships in the series. I don’t see how anyone could dislike it.He was a character who was relatable, and one you could understand. Most of us aren’t natural prodigies. We all have to work to get better. It’s what made Obito as a kid, such a great character who people could relate to.Even with him becoming a villain, you can sympathize with him. Obito basically lost the only person who had ever cared or believed in him. He felt the Shinobi World was a horrible place, and that at least in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, people would be happy. You feel sympathy for him and understand his reasoning.

Gap Between Rich And Poor

Many people think of the Americans ideal life is vigorous decent but they got it wrong, in facts income inequality is on the top of the list despite its developing country. In reality, there are roughly about 40 million people in America experiences that is 10 to 15 percents of the U.S. populations. In the constitution states “that as Americans entitled to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” (Jefferson, et al), but yet I don’t see everyone have that benefits besides the obvious wealthy class. This lead to widening the gap between the rich and the poor, while the rich continue to gain wealth and on the other hand, the poor have to endure under poverty. The gap between the rich and poor is a significant problem that Americans have to tolerate, there are various reasons of causes for instances, racial discriminations, background prejudice, and government policy. A certain group of immigrants is the targets to most likely to suffer from poverty in the United States.

Many reasons could be a result for immigrants to endure poverty and can even be extreme poverty. Professor of sociology, Amie Bostic, who earned her Ph.D. in sociology from Duke University notes “ Some immigrants group are at a considerably greater risk of poverty than other. This is a result of a split in the immigrant population in the United States between those with high skills and those with low skills” (738). It stakes that other groups besides immigrants are less likely to tolerate destitution. From another support claim by an in-progress Ph.D. professional in sociology from Duke University responds “ because immigrant’s education and experience are often devalued in the United States, many immigrants families turn to entrepreneurship or work multiple jobs to increase their income” ( 519). This connects the claim that immigrants face more penury than any other group because due to their low-skill and backgrounds which place them into one of the categories of a group that most likely tolerate low-income financial struggle. Likewise situation between race’s privilege and disadvantage.

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For many years different ethnicity group of people excludes white people are most likely to experience a certain type of discrimination that led them into many disadvantages. An Associate Professor of Public Policy, Ann Chih Lin, who received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago confirms “ For example, geographic steering of black and Hispanic homebuyers remains common and 50% of black respondents in a recent Gallup Poll reported incidents of discrimination within the month prior to the survey. In a two-city audit study, employers were twice as likely to hire a white applicant as an equally qualified black applicant for an entry-level position” (Lin). The speaker is asserting that there are racial injustice and unfairness simply due to individuals race that stood out to the norm. This is a direct strike towards minorities and different ethics groups indicate that their opportunity in the society are slim and more distinctly possible to suffer impoverishment. In the light of the racial inequity is not only a serious complication in the United States but also background prejudice is another cause of factors to make ends meet for certain people.

I am confident that there is more constituent of widening the gap between rich and poor, in fact, discrimination on background and criminal history is a crucial unfairness for ex-convicts to get back to their normal lives in the society after incarceration. Lack of employment opportunity generates a collateral effect on individuals lives. In the course of life human being ultimately will make a blunder, and some may even imprison. A second chance should always provide to us, however, the reality is not optimistic to what we seek for. An associate at DLA Piper, Elizabeth Westrope, who earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from the University of Notre Dame implies a great example: In 2003, a twenty-one year old man lost control of his car after a night of drinking, killing his close friend.1 The man, “Jay,” was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to thirty-eight months in state prison. Jay wrote to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), detailing his struggles of re-entering society as a convicted felon. Jay described the hard work he had put forth to turn his life around since his release: he had been sober for more than eight years, was succeeding in college, and had shared his story in schools, treatment facilities, and correctional institutions so that others could learn from his mistakes. Yet he also told the DOJ that he had “nothing to show for it,” since he was repeatedly denied job opportunities because of his felony.

Jay explained that he had participated in numerous interviews and sent out more than 200 resumes for positions that he was more than qualified to fill, but employers routinely denied his applications because of his criminal record. (369) A person committing a crime is an unpleasant deportment thereby punishment must take place. When the person had finished their sentence behind bar, they deserve to receive a second chance to reintegrate in the society because they served their time in prison already. Clearly in Westrope statement is not the optimistic case that we seek and hope for. In fact, one in three people in America have some sort of criminal records and those victims are more likely to endure many disadvantages than people without a record in the record ( Americans With Criminal Records). For those who are employed are only taking home 40 percents of the annual salary, thereby criminal records impact people for the rest of their lives. Genders is also a topic that we frequently bring up to dispute about the wage gap. It becomes an unfair common sense in the United States that women certainly earn less than men. As years go by, there definitely have improvement but on gender education wise. By the fact that recent decade women enrolled in college is about 57 percents. It’s exceeding more than men in the term of education wise. Although now women are in the upper hand of education but pay wage is still a long way to be balanced, even though both genders should be equally distributed in wage but the reality is not that positive. “ [which] refers to the difference in wages and salaries between men and women. On average, women make about 80 percent of what men do. There are also racial disparities — white women and Asian American women, on average, make more than Hispanic, African American, or Native American women”( Cummins ). T

his demonstrates that women undergo the wage gap which distinctly possible lead them to experience financial struggles. We can not put out of one’s mind that women eventually become mothers, their hardship in the family is a paramount job. Unfortunately that many married couples may end up a single parent. With this in mind, wage gap and single parenting for a woman to live through is the principle that they are more likely to go on poverty at some point. Furthermore to the concern of widening the gap between the rich and the poor, that government certainly plays a crucial part of the problem. Government’s obligation is to protect and serves the people but they are not doing so well in reality. The government conducted many actions to reform the lives of people who live in poverty, but nothing had really made a major impact on low-income family and people who are under poverty. As former speaker of the United States house of representatives Newt Gingrich, in his one article Rethinking Our Approach to Poverty proclaim “ Over the past thirty years, we have waged a five-trillion-dollar War on poverty. And yet, when we look at the murder rate in our inner cities; the cocaine, heroin, and crack addiction destroying countless young lives; the illiteracy rate…we can see clearly that the current approach to helping the poor has exacted a cost far greater than mere money”(Gingrich). This clearly illustrates that government actions are not effective nor impact for the better good. The funds from federal government usage must have been misused the support finance because it said “destroying countless young lives” (Gingrich), or otherwise, the community would not have suffered from these destructions.  

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