Throughout chapters 1-9, we continue to learn the impacts of the ICF and the interrelatedness of the Health Care Essay

Throughout chapters 1-9, we continue to learn the impacts of the ICF and the interrelatedness of the Health Care Development Model within the context of Life course theory. The core tenet notion is that early experience influences later health. We have learned about the influence of the social determinants of health, including the environment. Your reading on Health Care Development Model further digs deeper into health integration and the environmental impact on the infant and later life circle. As learned in your last reading, the first postnatal year of the infant is critical and the foundation of a later lifespan. No wonder early intervention for the first year should always be to determine possible medical, social, and environmental needs that may influence late lifespan. Therapists and developmental specialists providing early intervention should be vested in all the best practices assessment tools, including SBAR. According to your reading, the ultimate goal of early intervention is to promote positive development in this critical period, as defined by ICF. Now think about an infant without early intervention. Think about the congenital disability that could have been corrected before growing into the subsequent life circle. How about understanding the family and knowing that infants in the first year typically emerge in the family context? Think about families with a substance abuse history or other biological challenges or history. The key for the Therapist and other developmental specialists is to assess the risk and protective factors to promote a normal infant developmental outcome. The infant transitioned from being dependent on mobility and control to having rudimentary environmental mastery in locomotion and using the hand to explore the environment, which promotes cognitive abilities. Also, as social beings, infants should feel attachment and have a nurturing care provider to help create growth and development pathways. In your Discussion 10 using the talking points from your reading, paint a picture of:
1. An infant with neurological needs
2. Create Care Intervention
3. Provide the potential impact of such Care Intervention on the life course of the infant

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