Top Tips on How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be fun. Here are some top tips to help you write the perfect research paper; (/0x4*

Choose a Smashing Topic

Although the topic of the research paper is often guided by the instructions provided, it is important to note that choosing the topic for your research paper is not only the most important but also the first step that you make in writing a quality paper.
When choosing the topic, ensure that you try to settle on something you are passionate about. If you write about something your passion or something related, then it becomes easier to produce an effective product. And with this, you will have a paper that will not only satisfies yourself, but also your instructor and other readers.
It is also important to stay original. If you are writing the research paper as a class project, take note that there are other students doing the same project and they are likely to write about the same topic or concept. Make sure that your paper is unique and original.
Do not be afraid to change the topic. If after working on a topic for some hours you realize that it isn’t the best topic that you would have chosen, do not fret! Consider the time already used in writing on the discarded topic as time spent on learning the ropes,

Conduct Sufficient Research

Now that you have selected the most appropriate topic, the next most important thing is to begin researching. You can conduct your research from various sources including journal articles, web pages, blog posts, encyclopedias and interviews among many other sources but keep in mind that scholarly sources go a long way in helping you put together solid ideas to support your arguments. Some Internet sources such as web pages, blog posts, encyclopedias might not meet the required threshold of scholarly sources, but you can obtain an understanding of issues relevant to the topic of the paper by exploring such sources. In the end, it is important that you select a scholarly source whose findings can be admitted as valid. It is also advisable that you use around five or more sources so that you can get a different perspective regarding your research topic. Longer papers generally require more sources. Keep track of these sources for referencing to ensure all sources are referenced properly.

Whenever possible, use peer reviewed research articles. These are books and other articles which have been written by experts in that specific field and reviewed by their peers in a rigorous research process. You can find peer reviewed articles through online journal databases as well as in scientific journals.

Research from the library too. You can visit a university library or the local library. Although most student nowadays see libraries as old fashioned, the fact is that there are very good books, journals, newspapers and magazines that might help you in the research. In the event that you need any help while in the library, do not hesitate to ask the librarian. They will help you locate every useful material that is relevant to your topic. Moreover, the library context in itself might provide you with new insights or perspectives.

Look for materials online. You will also find useful materials online. However, be careful not to use sources that are not credible. How do you know that a source is genuine?

If a website address ends with .gov, .org or .edu, the information therein is safe to use in some cases. This is because such addresses belong to the government, organizations or schools which deal with your topic. Online research tools such as Google Scholar give you the opportunity to change the search query easily to help you get different results for your topic.

Academic databases also offer very useful resources that you can use in your research. These are special academic databases and websites where you can find thousands of peer reviewed books, journals, magazines and so on. However, most of them require paid membership as a student, you might be lucky to get free access to these resources through your institution.

Draft the Outline for Your Work

It is very important to annotate your work if you know how to write research paper. This is another very crucial aspect on how to write a term paper. After gathering all the research materials, prepare short notes on what is important for your project. Also note important key phrases and facts. Writing down these notes will make writing the paper an easy process.

After listing down your notes, the next important step is to organize these notes. After this, you should prepare a preliminary reference page. Here you should note author’s name, title of the material used, page number as well as publishing information for each and every source. This information will be very crucial when you will be finalizing the reference page after you have completed writing down your research paper.

It is important to note that there are two types of research papers i.e. analytical and argumentative research papers. Each requires a different approach and therefore you should identify the goal of the paper prior to starting writing the paper.

Another important thing to note here is the audience of the research paper. Who will be reading your paper?  Knowing your audience will determine the tone as well as the depth that you will have to go to bring your point home. For instance, if you are writing to your peers, you will not have to go to the lengths of explaining basic theories and information.

Develop thesis for your paper. This is usually a one sentence or two at the begining of your paper that explains your argument and the goal of the research paper. The body of the paper will revolve around thesis statement and therefore it is important that you have it written at the beginning of your paper.

Writing the Paper

Start writing the initial draft for your research paper by beginning with the body. Although the introduction part will come before the body in the final paper, it will be hard to begin with an introduction before you have completed the body. Write your main points and ensure that they are supporting the thesis statement. You are allowed to slightly manipulate and change your ideas as well as commentaries.

Conclusion. This part will always come after the body. After you have walked carefully on the evidence, the conclusion will serve to summarize your findings and also serves to close the paper. The conclusion should start by restating the thesis and then reminding the reader about the main points that you have covered in the paper.

Write introduction now. By all respect, the introduction is the conclusion written from the reverse. Start by introducing the reader to the broad topic followed by the specific aspect that you have decided to focus on. Make sure that you avoid repeating the same phrases that you had used on the conclusion.

Finally, on how to write research paper, do not forget to provide references the right way. To avoid plagiarism, there are specific ways that you can use to document your paper. There are different methods of formatting and styles that you can use for example MLA, APA and Chicago and many more.

Need Hep With Your Research Project

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Many students, even some that have been successful during their scholastic careers, misunderstand the true purpose of writing a custom research paper. Research papers are not assigned for a student to demonstrate his/her talent in collecting facts and quotations that others have already presented as their own.

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It is important to learn how to write research paper. Throughout your college cycle or when you are studying for the higher education, you will be asked to write research papers. Research papers are usually used to identify and explore social, technical as well as scientific issues. If you have been asked to write a research paper for the first time, you can be sure that the process will be daunting. However, if you can organize yourself accordingly and focus your mind to the process, then definitely the results will be a masterpiece. It’s worth noting that the paper will not write itself but good preparations will make the process easier. In this process, we are going to the four most important steps that you need to take to ensure that you have a high quality research paper.

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