Treating Drug Dependence

Treating Drug Dependence.

Treatment Paper

Chapter 18, Treating Drug Dependence, describes what we know is effective drug treatment.

The purpose of this treatment paper is to show an understanding of the treatment needs of persons who have addiction, dependency, substance abuse disorder problems. What can a person do if they experience loss of control of their substance use and the negative impacts on their life? Throughout this course we have studied abuse/addictive behavior for each drug and the biological/physical, psychological and social effects. Most treatment in the US is based on the Bio-Psych-Social model of disease.

Write a 3-5 page paper (typed, double spaced) explaining the principles and strategies of treatment options in the USA. Use this rubric and make sure to include certain required information.

Intervention/Treatment How many people need treatment and how many people actually receive treatment in the US?

Describe and explain the stages of treatment: detox, active treatment, maintenance, pharmacological maintenance (replacement therapy).

What are the goals of treatment and how does treatment address the bio-psycho-social needs of addiction? (principles of treatment)

10 points
Readiness to Change

(DiClemmente and Prochaska)

Explain how each of the stages of change may influence or motivate an addict’s attempts at getting clean and sober. 4 points
AA/ NA/ Alanon and NarAnon What is the difference between AOD treatment and 12 Step programs/groups? 3 points
Resources/Bibliography Properly cite at least 2 credible sources of information. 3 points

Total: 20 points

Treating Drug Dependence

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