unit 6 lab

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This week’s Unit 6 lab showed us how hackers use a method of hacking called social engineering in order to gain access to certain information. The beginning steps of a hackers process they have to do their due diligence and see what they can obtain on a certain individual. This mean the hackers has to navigate through websites such as social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to gain information on their targets. Unit 6 Lab’s reviews how hackers gain information, and how it maybe exploited in an attack, and lastly how to pick out an attack. The lab in Unit 6 gave us three individuals for a company called CorporateTechs. It had us conduct a search on LinkedIn.com and on Google.com for each individual. After conducting the search, the feedback from the search was pretty good, it provided enough information on the three individuals to be able to conduct an attack. Part number two of the lab, was for us to fill out the contact information in order for us to receive an email. This email appeared to be from a legitimate source with a conformation link. After clicking the link, it took us to another window where it showed us a message stating it was a phishing attack. It also displayed my IP address, and the web browser used. Part number 3 had us using Nmap to see what information could be open. The lab only had it use port number 80 which was the apache server. Then we used IPNetinfo to gain a little more insight on what’s being used. Overall the Unit 6 lab gave us a good insight on how social engineering is used, and what all entails to do so. Social engineer is one of the hackers many tools that can be effective to the untrained users of the internet.

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